Monday, August 10, 2009

no! your a rock! im a paper!

Oh Crapsicles! i forgot about my Monday blog, i fail myself. My excuse was i heard thunder outside maybe i shouldnt. I continue to amaze myself, my laziness never ceases to amaze me, grow up Peter, need to account for responsibilities now. Must sleep at 12am tonight and wake for 9am lecture tommorow to make up for laziness and study! No more games, must study this week, get a D for my test and then chill and maybe get some nice food. *-*

Saturday, omg, Jungs gonna read this and be like wtf! Peter! and Vi's gonna read this and be like your unbelievable! and Jeremy is going to read this (i kid) and be like dude! where are you!? See if i go to Jungs, i get to see people i dont see often and spend alot of money on food and clubbing. And if Jeremy does something for his 18th, i might go there seeing as his my only white friend, and i like his company. And then theres Buddha bar at 9:30pm with David and his crew. And bU which im definiatly not going seeing as its girls night. I think what i'll do is, see who will be most angry at me then go to that one >.<"

Birthday presents, seriously, girls and presents what the heck do they want? The cooking competition, oh im so fudged, how do i make a cake with no ingredients! i must prepare better. Lets see Jung has her P's now, so she may beable to drive me home if i go with her. I wish presents were as easy as commercials where you jsut get them chocolate and they go all happy. I gues they cant be bought so cheap unlike us guys. Jungs has more people i know, more im comfortable with, oh heck, i'll just rock paper sciccors.

Today i sat here thinking whether i should touch my homework, i dosed off for an hour and then ate left overs from last night, Jacky came over and chatted for abit. I got a letter from centre link asking me to come for a interview, oh man i hate centre link, they need to back off, im a citiczen, a legit one man. I also managed to finnish the book i was reading, one more book to go. Term 3 is running so fast! how am i suppose to keep the pace up!

ah, i'll leave it all to chance again. I just had a whack thought, i wonder if its possible to make deals with the Holy Spirit, or maybe the devils deceiving me. bU friday night! and im bringing someone new! weeooooo! anyway Qouc wants to DOTA now, so im going to leave it here, and maybe procrastinate/tease him abit. Oh and btw, the search for Madeliene has come to Australia, i've been following the links ever since 2004/05 its amazing, i still somehow have a hunch that her parents were unethically involved in some activities. Apparently there has been some sightings, i want to go on a Madeliene hunt. that would be epic, anyway, i've just come up with more topics to procrastinate about, unfortunately i have to go. bye bye.

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