Friday, July 31, 2009

What a priveledge to breathe your air. †

Yesterday night i was going through songs because i was really sick and tired. And One shot randomly played, i havnt heard that song since last year, or early this year, i cant remember. But the song made me feel like it was speaking to me, im not sure. So i kept replaying it and replaying it to see if i would remember something in the past which may be the reason for aknowledging the rhymth. I never came up with anything, but now its stuck in my head.

Mario Vazquez - One shot.

"If i were a builder then you'd have a castle,
To drive on the highest mountain,
And if i were a billionaire, i'd give you every material thing,
But unfortunately all i have to give to you is an imperfect Heart,
But it's a Heart that beats only for you."

Thats the rock from Camp one oh nine. And thats my Valentine Heart Chocolate from Sarah. It makes the rock look cool.

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