Sunday, June 28, 2009

Whats that sound!? :O

A couple of days ago i woke up, unknowing it was the day Michael Jackson passed away. Woke up, washed face, hair, brush teeth, and went on face book. And then i felt a tingerling, my Homosexual senses were tingerling, as i scrolled down the page, i saw this guys "Shout" and i qoute.

To be honest im not sure if his gay, but i hear from alot of my friends that know him, that his into guys, and i've always suspected him of that. And a couple of mornings ago, i caught him trying to queer up the world, so i thought what i'd do was correct him. He didnt think anybody as pathetic as me would realize, but i did, and it bothers me that the slightest letter catches my attention.

Thats right, i will continue to rid this world of its evil sexual desires. *-*

I feel proud, i ungayed face book, im joking, queer or not, not my position to judge, however teasing is another story, its become a habbit. *-* A bad one, i must admit.


  1. HAHAHA moaning. good on ya, my inherent spell-check tendencies must've rubbed off on you. :P

  2. Just because he added a "lol" to it, doesnt mean its alright in the slightest. =.=
    and yeh, ive caught the Cheryl vocabulary check syndrome D: im a pro england dictionary now :D i mean english dictionary*