Monday, June 22, 2009

My pure legendary dog, eating ice cream. *-*

Haha, i dont really do this, but i thought i'd give it ago after, watching the amazing Nat on youtube. If you've never heard of Nat, shes extremely poppular on youtube. I absolutely love her shows, they're so exciting, and very appealing. Everyday, i look foward to watching a new clip, thats how brilliant she is. Anyway, i thought i'd make a stupid video of my dog eating ice cream. Since i love ice cream and so does daisy. :D

Out of curiosity, do i really sound like that? i think my voice tends to change, depending on my mood. Anyway, Watch the dogs tail waddle XD and she gets so hypo when i bring out ice cream now, and half of you will probably be like, dude he doesnt get it! he keeps saying ice cream, its a fucking ice block! jeez! his retarded. Sorta makes me want to film more retarded things, next time, i'll try something deadly *-*

Yeh, dont laugh at my horrible camera skills guys, but i swear next time, whispers* i'll videotape Sarah playing badminton for all our entertainment, she swings like a girl ;) no wait she swings both ways, you get what i mean ;) lol jk Sarahs awsome, everybody loves Sarah.

Yeh! i sound liek i have a cold, in which you hear me sniffing at the end. man i sound like an asian trying to be white, fail. In other words i sound like a retard.


  1. Today I was thinking about doing a post about my turtle. And I was thinking about how my turtle eats its own shit :| I will do it soooon.

  2. Ahahahahahaha!
    "Bear with me, just eating."
    Don't eat icecreams when you're sick!

  3. lol, yes record your turtle :D
    i can secretly laugh at it behind its back :D
    but turtles are so awsome *-* i wonder if they're eatable *-*