Friday, June 19, 2009

Omg, im so excited!

Omg, so the other day, Doran called me to come to youth camp and i wasnt sure if i should go, but i told him i would, i mean i want to, but its who do i hang with? So i was talking to Cheryl and she was all supportive and stuff, but i've been blessed, and hopefully, it all goes well, so i've asked pyuish to come, but since his going to India, he wont beable to make it, and jono, his like long gone. Dont think im capable of bringing him back >.<

So today, Vi came online, and i thought she was going to Sydney or something this holidays, but turns out plans had changed. So i asked her, and she was very enthusiastic about the whole idea, but seeing as her mum hasnt met me before, and seeing as ive given her a bad impression over the phone, which i thoguht i was pretty dam polite, i dont think she would trust me lol. Anyway, so we were talking and then Jung! came into mind! so i asked her, and she was like what date? and i was like on the 3rd of July! and she was like shit! im going to Jay chou concert T^T but i want to come to camp, because ive never been.

So i got all excited and lost the thrill of it for nothing because she cudnt go, then i was like, oh wait, i just assumed it was on the 3d maybe its not! so i got all excited and ran to the phone and called Cheryl, first call she didnt pick up and i was like shit! then she picked up and i was like omg!!!! the 13th!! woooO! so Jung might beable to come now and that means Vi shud bebale to aswell. Omg im so excited!!!! like really really excited if they can come *-*

Time to do some prayers! wooo! i have something to look foward to this holidays :D

God bless! hopefully all goes well and norwood formal 2nite, Everyones gonna look great, cant wait to see pictures. i should be studying, but im caught up in procrastinating T___T anyways thats it for now! woo! im excited!

haha God bless!

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