Friday, June 19, 2009

one after the other. *-*

Oh man, so much studying this week, finnish next friday and i can party go drinking *-* two days ago, i realised, i find tall girls, or girls around my height unattractive o.o yep, dont go accussing me of being overlyjudgemental and cruel, because, i saw this girl preferably a leng loi, and i was like wow, 8.5 right there! and when she stood up i was like holly crap! bending the curves of my neck to meet her gaze. and since that day, ive taken height into the list of ratings now >.<

Man i sound so shallow, im not saying tall girls are ugly, sum guys probably fancy tall girls, i just find them unattractive, not ugly nor discusting just words cannot explain, im just digging a deeper hole before i get stabbed by my friends when they read this lol. anyway, exams tuesday til friday, must focus, then party! and badminton + karaoke + coffee + movie nights + life group + casino + pub crawls *-*

and not to mention, im getting my P's in 1-2 months, im so excited, im like by far the worse driver alive. My instructor keeps saying, are you nervous? you need more confidence, and im just like shit man! this is how i drive, why are my arms stiffed? because im focused. It also turns out i cant seem to focus on more then 2 things at once, let alone 2 things, id break and turn and then i'd lose accelaration, man im horrible, at this rate, i probably wont even make it for my P's == anyway time to sleep, need to study 2molo! omg im so nervous for exams!

haha man i love cyanide and happiness :D Now thats commitment lol.

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