Thursday, June 11, 2009

Go pick on someone else who cares. @.@

Ever looked at someone and wondered, what people see in them and what they love so much about them?ever tried? maybe we're not suppose to, maybe im not suppose to. I dont get it. What is it about them that we cant seem to comprehend? I dont get it, i tried using one eye, different angles, cross eyed, the glaring eye, but i dont see anything. Whats so great about her? She seems the same like the others, probably worse in my opinion.

Maybe it'll work if someone close to her explains it to me, otherwise im just never gona get it. Maybe what they see is not physical but mental and spiritual? mmz in that case, i dont feel anything different, nor do i feel special around her. What i do feel is mentally challenged, the way she draws my attention and looks away, pretending i didnt catch her screwing with my concentration. Heck! i dislike you, and theres nothing im going to do about it.

At times your alrite, when your in my crowd, but when im in yours, i see your horns. What the hell do you want from me? or what the heck are you trying to achieve by challenging my patience? go find someone else to screw with, because im not going to fight back. Your wasting your time and using up my time.

We as individuals see eachother in different shades, what we make of it is up to us. What we feel from it is determined by the way the action was presented. If you have nothing good to say, then dont say it.

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