Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chocolate. *-*

Call me retarded if you must, but i couldnt resist. I went into woolworths and chocolate was on special for $2 for a bag of 12 twix, bounty, snickers and mars etc. I spent $20 on it and starburst, dont get me wrong but ive developed a huge addiction for starbursts and the chocolates are just for back up. You know that feeling when you feel like soemthing sweet, yet theres always nothing available?

Shame i cant eat any yet, since my teeth are so retarded, a few more days and i'll beable to eat again, cant wait. And today my all favourite, "Zens" made it in the newspaper, yep, it was the best dish ever, the pho has become quite famous, i feel like eating there, was gona eat there today but cant bite yet.... anyway back to study, all the best to everyone in exams.

omg that just makes your mouth water. I shud learn to bake my own chocolate for the sake of accomplishing something that i can be proud of in life. lol


  1. just gimme every food item u mentioned in this post! =pp lol.

    btw, starburst should always come after chocolates xD

  2. yeh when i got on the bus, i was just "shit!" i shuda gave elysia a bag of chocolates lol. but then it was too late :S
    i'll probably got buy more today only because its on special XD

  3. you should definitely visit max brenner if you go to sydney or melb, it was sooo good peter!!