Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dreams or Nightmares?

Last night i had a whack dream that i totally rememebered the entire dream when i woke. o.o I have no bloody idea what the heck my mind is visualing when im asleep. I've had like 5 of these dreams from May-June now. It'll start off with this girl that ive never seen before and i think in my mind shes my girlfriend, cus i'd be holding her and then the most stupidest thing will happen. She'll like get a nose bleed, or something different which will involve her dying or about to die. And i'd be like oh no, wtf is going on? and i'd always wake up when she dies or gets better. Im just glad my mind is visualing an asian. lol

And the dream was followed by another dream, i dreampt i was in Melbourne, and it was all dark, we were underground, and i couldnt see much. This place was closing they closed all the doors and lights were off. I bumped into this security guard and i was like, hey, excuse me, could you direct me out of here? and he was like yeh upstairs on the right. So i got out of the place, but i was by myself, i cudnt and didnt know where to find the others, and for some reason my phone did not exist in the dream. So i was looking around, because i didnt know where anything was in Melbourne, i visualised this whole entire city without knowing anything and it was pretty dam real. This guy was like, yeh sure, where are you off to? and i was like i dont know can you take me to town? and he'd be like yeh give me a sec. He brought out this weird device and inserted a SIM card and i was like, the cubicales... you can do that? and there was this visual map floating above us showing the directions and crap to town. Eventually got to town and saw my friends and i woke up.
Again, whats with the random scary dreams. I mean i thought i was lost, it was creapy in the dark, and how about some propper dreams man. Whats the conspiracy between all this? Am i going to go to Melbourne, find a girlfriend, shes gonna die on me and im going to get lost? lol anyway i noticed that everytime i typed Melbourne, i kept typing "Melbournce"
Anyway, my eyes are exausted, i need to do my last assignment and catch up on sleep then study for exams and then time to go out everyday. (Y) Going to be a very long library week. man im not looking foward to watching boring old lectures online for 8 hours ==

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