Friday, June 5, 2009

Chris Browned by Elysia. O_O" lol

I was facebook stalking, and i came across a photo from the past. Last year, day before graduation, We saw the devil behind Elysia's innocent face. I couldnt believe it, but Elysia looks like she was about to kill someone, or more Chris Brown someone... what!?? too soon? come on Chris Brown and Rhiana thing has been going on for atleast a couple of months now... *-*

Shit! Jung better move out of the way before she experiences Rhiana >.<
btw, you cant see me, but im on the right of the photo, just thought id share how thrill i was to have front row seats in watching the reinactment of the Chris Brown and Rhiana incident. Go get her Elysia! Jia you! lol im joking ==

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