Monday, June 22, 2009

I put the "Pro" in Procrastinating. *-*

Man! i was on fire last night! Suddenly came up with all these weird/whack theories and questions. Its one of those things where i start and it doesnt end. Seriously when im on fire, i procrastinate like a dog that doesnt shut up. I go on and on til every thing has been covered. Thats right, im a loaded pistol, waiting to be fired, im looking your way Vi, cus i feel like coffee and your gona feel like listening to my list of never ending bullshit.

I've gona back into the habbit of cursing, i swear when exams are over, i'll be back to my normal self. I keep using the words "No shit!" which i personally dislike very much. Driving lessons in 1 hour, im so excited. But yeh, omg, theres so many things i wana say, before it gets lost and burried in my mind by new bullshit theories, that never seem to make any sense, less in my mind.

I was talking to Genial yesterday and she joined one of my conversations with a friend, pretending to be a guy. I have to admit, she more manly than i am. More bogan aswell. I wont go into the convo and why we did it, because it was quite personal, well more like, i wasnt feeling myself, and couldnt maintain the conversation no more. Yeh, i should do that more often, find a phycic to screw around with people *-*

And last night, Wei jung was talking about how she went to the park, and saw the most amazing/disturbing thing ever, She saw a kangaroo having sex, and she said we went around the whole park, came back and they were still doing it. And knowing me, id give retarded responses as for example: "Wow thats a once in a life time opportunity, you should have joined in." or "I learnt in sex ed, that the female goes behind, are you sure thats the male?" and this one made myself laugh "Did the male insert his head into the female?" And Jung was like LMFAO wat the fuck!? She was probably thinking, man what kinda sex education did you have? but yeh, Who said kangaroos didnt know how to party? We then began to talk about, lions having sex like every hour of the day, and that humans and dolphins are the only organisms on earth that have sex just for pleasure, arnt we selfish?

Okay, excluding the sex topic, sorry i get carried away, when my mind thinks of anything i can mock with. Its fun teasing people, especialy when they dont get affended. I wonder if i ever take it too far, anyway, after exams, hopefully, i wont be procrastinating at night as long and as hecticly.

Oh and last week, if any of you's saw me and had the idea, what the cubicles is wrong with Peter. Its because Jono took me to the Gym. He workd my whole upper body, arms and i worked on my abs. The next day, my whole upper body was so saw, as were my joints and glands, I literally could only stretch my arms 120 degrees. And it killed so much, i couldnt even like take my top of for a shower, or put a top on, man i tried so many methods, but in the end, i had to push against the pain. But yeh, just thought id share, why i must have looked retarded, my friend was like, why are you walking cross armed? i was like, because this is as comfortable as it gets.

anyway ive ended up procrastinating again. need to go to the shops and withdraw money for driving lessons. and then study 2nite, im so worried, im not at the library yet, exams on wednesday, what am i doing! study now! procrastinate later! Oh and perhaps its just me, but i find movies, that are inspiring, moving and all that very emotional, i dont know why! i was watching this moving movie, about this aboriginals writing a get well card to their coaches mum, cus shes in hospital, and i got teary, i was like no! no! at all cost, not infront of the mum! and yeh... i caught a small cold, which is why i sounded like a prick in the video below.

Oh and i vacumed my room last night! yeh! take that Cheryl! I mean i knew my floor was dirty and i knew someone was going to point it out, but, im too lazy to bring the vacume to my room, however yesterday it magically appeared next to me. So thats right, no more dead ants on my floor, food crumb, melted chocolate, rice particales, dead hair and spider eggs. Yeh... i live in a dump site.

anyway i really should get off now, oh and i must say, Sarah, Cheryl you guys looked amazingly beautiful at the formal, from the photoes, seeing as i wasnt there, but yeh, that only means, your at the peak of your youth.
I must add in, we must have been the worst neighbours ever. Our neighbours are moving out and i was like holy crap, we probably drove them insane, michael would have his loud insanely whack music on 24/7 and our dog, we'd wake up in the morning with it missing and our neighbours would bring it back from their back yard, and we'd be like how the fuck? and Our chickens go off the roof, they cockatoo so loud, the council had to play their cards. Our mum was like, yeh! we should just let the chickens go in dry creek and i was picturing taking a hike there next year, and seeing like a whole new habitants of chicken. lol Man i cracked my ass off. okay im off for good now.


  1. Oh my gosh!
    I pretended to be a guy in like 2 convos, I'm always like "I'm more manlier than you". Next time you're on msn I'll tell you about it, and omfg I'm being stalked :|

  2. stalked by whom? and yeh lets hear it, i shud do more whack thigns in my life to make it more interesting lol