Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Michelle. (:

Tuesday night, Michelles 18th. Celebrated it at chocolate bean and ended it with a very fob like karaoke. Was a great night, Happy 18th Birthday Michelle, hoped you enjoyed the celebration. We had nothing but chocolate and more chocolate, i had 3 pieces of cakes and woke up with 3 pimples... T___T

Took alot of photoes, made 2 new friends and tried to convert someone. Came so close, but i'll get him soon. Was a fantastic night, and thanks to Pyuish for organising everything and for the invites. Such a wonderful/committed man you are.

I was hungry.. and the stick had chocolate o.o

Me and the Birthday girl (Michelle)

This is where we deal drugs.

Vanta's Facial expression is hilarious. *-*

We tried taking a normal picture, but vanta insisted in doing the "keen pose" aka the vanta pose. :D

The Human Pyramid and the birthday girl.

The Clumsyholic, who dipped her arm in the chocolate fountain. O - o'

Dont ask, i have no idea what my finger was about to do to Vantas head. *-* "Finger of death!

Normal Photo, cept Vantas head was cut off. o.o

Karaoke, was suppose to be a emo/worried facial expressioniate picture, but failed.

Oh shit! i look like i was about to "Chris Brown" Michelle. >.<
Sings "take you down, i really want to take you down, and show you what im about!".

And here it is again, a Rose. *-*
I was watering the garden okay?..
This cake cost me 3 pimples T_T

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