Sunday, June 7, 2009

The closer we get, the riskier the situation. *-*

Whoa, last night i had another whack dream. It started with a scene, my best friend from year 12 was meeting me and the group, he was going to take care of the 4 hostages we kidnapped. In other words he was like federal, but in a mafia sense. So we guided him to the car, and he was like, alright, show me the body, we opened the boot and 4 people wrapped in black paper bags were inside. He took them out one by one. and in my head i was like, omg this is it. We dont need to run anymore. and then my stupid friends, were like peter! get in the car!

and i was like shit! no! David! and i couldnt make up my mind, i didnt want to abandone my best friend, but i got into the car, we did a huge Uturn, and behind us were like the military with M4A1's and they arrested David, and i could hear him say, What the fuck are you doing? and i was just thinking holy shit! Davids gone, why'd we sell him out? and so we were driving and evaiding the cops on our tail. Eventually went past my old house down at mansfield park, and sumhow it changed to this new street, and it looked familiar to me. I was like guys drop me off here, i need to do something.

So i got off, and went inside this building etched into stone, and my mind was telling me it was Elysia's house, i was like hey Elysia, i need you to do prayer for me, and around i could see, Mel, Cheryl and Elysia's parents. I was like i really need your help, and i was sorta getting teary, like i thought it was so real, it was bloody freaky running away from people who are trying to take your life. and so i was saying "shit! why is this happening?" and they were like whats wrong? and i was like i dont know, but it seems "why is it the closer we get, the more riskier the situation." and then there was knocking on the door, there were loud foot steps, and i was like shit we need to hide.

Went outside hid behind a rose bush, and this little girl came and sat with me. She was like whatre you doing? and i was like, acknowledging the scent of the rose bush. and we sat together, and then all of a sudden, the scene changed and i there were all these people in this huge greenland scope playing on the field. It was so relaxing, and in away it portrayed peace in the world. But then Vanta came out and was like, the militarys gone. and then these 2 cops showed up and were talking to the little girl next to me, and i was just hiding my face and not making eye contact, so spooky!

We went back inside Elysia's stone house, which was awsome. Vanta was like, we need to go. and i was like yeh, lets get going, there was 3 of us, i only rememeber vanta, and then we were walking through this forest and came upon some scientist, and he was creating this new measuring tool. and i was like Vanta, doesnt this forest remind you of freedom? and his like, yeh you know what i like? Cherry plants and i was like o.o and he went into this speech about it, im not gona go there and then i woke up. noo light in my eyes!

Was such a hectic dream, knowing people wanted you in jail or dead. and you had no idea how the hostages even got into your hands. bloody scary, but such a thrill of adrenaline rush. what an adventure lol.
Only in my dreams.

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