Saturday, June 13, 2009

So many cute hats!!! :D

Everytime i walk past this shop i see this sexy tiger hat and other animals, but the tiger hat always gets my attention. I wana buy the sheep one also *-* and i saw a shin chan toy! which i definiatley must buy for Eeshin :D

Anyway im gona go back and buy it when my parents arent around so i wont look like such a girl lol. My grandma walked passed my room and saw me gaming and wearing the tiger hat and was like, where did you buy that? thats a little girls hat, you wear it when your a baby. and i was like, i like it, its unique *-* and she was like how much? i was like $15 and she was like, not bad.

anyway heres a pic of me wearing it :D

Omg im so going back for the sheep one, they should make a black bear one >.<

Omg, how freaky is this picture right? wat a hot pic XD

Hakuna Matataaaaaaa..... it means no worries for the rest of your days... its our problem-freeeeeee.... philosophy....... *-* Hakuna matataaaaa!

Omg i love that song, The lion king was like the most brilliant, inspiring movie ever. Shame i've never watched it til i was 15 and yet i still loved it. Makes you feel like a kid again, shud like make a kids movie night cough "land before time, lion king, spongebob" man our generation is so lucky to have all these inspirations.

Hakuna matataaaa..!!!!

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