Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Remind me.

If its what you want, then let me be reminded this Friday.

Went to my first life group today, and i loved it! absolutely amazing, haha i get to choose people i want to debate with, its so fun listening to other peoples point of views and how they transcribe their beleifs. Everyones so nice, and chilled. Such a nice atmosphere. I remember discussing about Gods purpose, and doing what God asks you do to without question. Not to adress that we know ourselves better than he knows us, but to show him that we believe that what he wants for us is the better and that we understand.


  1. Thanks for the comment :D
    I play piano too, I've been playing for nine years and I still suck.
    I really want to play the guitar! Because it's so handy, you can take it anywhere, whereas a piano is so fat you can't move it.
    And I'm just so excited it! I'm getting it next weekend hopefully! *screams*
    And also they have the best guitar picks (those plastic things)
    There's like Mario and the Mushroom!

  2. LOl, yeh i feel like getting back into guitar, everybody is playing it, i shudnt have given up on it, sigh*