Monday, June 22, 2009

Off topic. *o*

So recently i've made a new friend, over face book. Well It started with my tiger hat, and we began talking. And as a typical part of me, i thought i'd encourage her to come to youth on friday nights. May be i came on a bit too strong, but i tend to get carried away, when it comes to anything with faith + Christ = God/Jesus. Her names Janice, shes friends with Weetyr from primary school and from what she's said, she's always believed there was something out there, something above, something beyond comprehensing. So anyway i tried to convince her to come to youth camp, but maybe that was too extreme, but the good news is, shes going to come to youth next term. Hopefully you church girls i hang with will make her feel welcomed and stuff.

Anyway, shes a very interesting person, you guys will love her. But She reminded me that, i was suppose to rescue our very loving friend Sarah Ho this year. Will i beable to do it? I could black mail Sarah, but that would be unfair, sigh* When i get my P's i should beable to drag her *-* muahaha! and off topic, my eye is really teary at the moment, i have no idea why, i went to the mirror and i could see tears falling down my eye bulb. kinda freaky! maybe i slept with my eyes opened o.o

anyway on the topic about sleep, i had an awsome dream last night, wow it felt real. All i can say is, i need to be careful. *-* And if you guys dont mind, i'd like help with prayer, Wei Jung is going to the black states and might not beable to make it back for youth camp, and if she cant come, Vi cant come, therefore im going to cry, not. Anyway, i must pray that they will beable to come, so keep them in your prayers for me, hopefully. One of you's are probably like, screw that! im not wasting my time praying for people i dont know, and what has Peter done for me lately? nothing! lol jk

Off topic again, it was nice talking to Cheryl again last night. And Today is my 3rd driving lesson, im so excited! I must mention that i am a horrible driver, if you trust me with your life, then thats truly amazing, because right now, i probably wouldnt trust myself. I smell Pizza coming from the oven, yeh i gave it a capital "P" because Pizza is delicious. I wonder what the first person was thinking when he came up with Pizza, maybe some where along the lines of:

Friend 1: Argh! this bread taste like shit! seriously, i'd rather eat dog!
Friend 2: Takes a bite* "My mum can shit better than this!"

Friend 1: Your mum can what?...
Friend 2: nothing, it was an expression. throws the bread outside*
Friend 1: an hour later* Hey, James, look over there, its a dog *-*
Friend 2: and?
Friend 1: His sleeping and playing with the bread *o*
Friend 2: We're not eating the dog....
Friend 1: no, but look at it! are you thinking what im thinking?
Friend 1 + 2: HOT DOG!!!! *-*

Well atleast we now know where hot dog came from. Oh and by the way, heres an awsome joke i found :D

"A woman went to the hospital ready to deliver her baby. The doctor
said he made a machine that would give part of the pain to the husband.
The husband decided to try it out. The doctor put it on LOW. The Husband seemed fine. The doctor put it on medium. The husband seemed fine. The doctor became confused as to why there wasnt any change. The wife delivered a healthy baby with no pain, like the husband. They arrive home, with the mail man dead."

Dont you just love jokes like these? certainly makes your day hey? anyway im off now, havnt blogged in a few days, so this should cover it. :D

You see, this is exactly why i personally dislike starwars. Watch the movies, everything is fine, and then you watch behind the scenes... Yoda is a let down, no wonder his so epic, because he screws everything and anything. That poor poor bounty, he deserves something more manly, like an elk. :D

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  1. Naww, thank you Peter ^^
    I am definately coming, I've got everything planned.
    And what's weird is that my art teacher is soon moving from near the airport to near my house, so my Friday nights will be free. How lucky am I! Everything does happen for a reason.
    I still want that tiger hat! :'(