Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Zombified! *-*

During that evening, Rundle Mall was manifested by zombies zoning in and out of Hindley street. We the only human survivors of the Code: Black Rundle incident had to flee for our lives, like a rabbit fleeing from the soaring hawk, escape was near nil. We hid, we ran, we fought, we cried, we debated, we aregued about the ups and downs of turning us. It was then that we were convinced that we were better off as zombies, yep chau was the weakest link, they picked on him, gave him wet willy's until he pursuaded me to agree, we waved our white flag, and it was then that Genial had come back from her afkness, yes, after two hours hiding behind the rundle pig, Genial arrives without a moment to spare, Minh Chau wetting his pants is overjoyed to see Genial. She begins her attack by pursueing the zombies, one at a time, while i quietly tip toe away from the epic battle, my hight gave me away, Genial pursues to use her "Flirt bomb" BOOM! BAM! POW!! we are saved! Two zombies remain, managed to convince these two that my brain was not worth eating, that if they had consumed it, they would only become more stupid, they were tempted for chau's brain, but they wernt sure if they wanted to lose their hight. We decided to take a picture to illustrate the alliance we established in this moment in history, i proceeded to my "double thumbs up" my sign of approval, Minchau took this picture and Genial went afk again.
To be continued........................................................................... dum dum dum!


  1. okay dont get all excited about the number of hits on your blog. because i clicked on yours, and i have no idea what i pressed but 50 tabs loaded of your blog. made my laptop freeze too >:|

  2. Sure, thats also what the fork said to the spoon, then the cow jumped over the moon. i've heard that before haha jk