Sunday, November 1, 2009

Love is his love for us.

"But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love." —Psalm 33:18

haha i just felt like saying, this month has been very pleasant, i dont know why, but i feel so loved. Things are finally getting better, maybe not all things, but the positives are finally weighing over the negatives, and my lifes getting back on track. I feel better about myself, with everything thats happened. This time, im watching the change and going with it, last year, i just felt the change, the difference is, i feel secure.

Theres also something i want to point out. Reading the bible is definiatly worth it, i feel as if i should emphasize this point because God wants me to. Well for a while now, i felt as if, God hasnt spoken to me lately, and that i has lost faith in myself, pretty much, i was burning out. I knew that even if i had lost faith in myself, id still have faith in God, but the difference is, the attitude you develop. And i believe with all my heart that, God stopped speaking to me because i was out of the habbit in reading the bible. I mean, the bible is full of Gods messages and blessings. We all have different ways of reading the bible, i for one, like to open to a random page and read a random scripture, and God will speak to me through that scripture because it will always personally relate to me.

And at times, it may not, but its definiatly preparing you for whats coming, it also makes you wiser, and more optimistic. So if you wonder why your life is going upside down, why your losing your mind, why your not who you are anymore, you'll find all your answers in the bible. And you cant just rely on prayer, reading the bible is as important as prayer. I mean God wrote it personally for us, and from my own assumtption, the bible emphasises that God has a never ending love for us, it emphasises so much about how much he loves us, it also emphasises how much we should fear God. I dont know what that means, but i know we're all loved. And through his wounds we are healed.

Cherie wrote me a small note in the bible she got me, and it sais "you deserve his love found in his words" and for some reason everytime i read that scripture, i always read "and through his words, we are healed" and i do believe that through his words, we are blessed, and healed. Because his love is so great for us, it cant be contained. We're drenched in his unfailing love, and when we're loved, we sometimes take it forgranted, and its normal because we're human, but just reading the bible is enough, even if you dont, he still loves us, but read it anyway to show your appreciation.

Well ever since ive taken back the hobby in reading the bible, my lifes gone back on track, Gods speaking to me again, i've found new friends, a very warm loving life group, and believe it or not, im a inspiration to some. I would also like to say that Weele, or however you spell his name, Jim Goh's brother is my inspiration, that man is truley amazing, he is a real man of God, and i want to be as committed as he is. His leaving oxygen to work in sydney i think, was heart breaking. Even if you dont know who he is, his Aurua is pretty much leaking out, i mean i could feel how pashionate he was. Truley amazing person, very inspirational. I want to be just like him, although i doubt it haha, but we'll see how i turn out to be.

If you ever meet him and wonder why his life is so wonderful, its because he is a man of God. and believe me, when you worship with him, his aurua is like whoa!!! anyway thats my personal thought, truly blessed and loved he is, wish him all the best. and do read your bible, it really does do miracles and blessings. God bless.
Isaiah 53:5, "But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His wounds we are healed."

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  1. ofcourse this month has been pleasant. you met me.