Sunday, November 1, 2009


Korean guys are so weird. In a sense that both my korean guy friends both asked me to date there very pretty friend. Not at the same time of course, one was 2 years ago, and still keeping in contact with him, the other was last night. He emphasised the word "pretty" so much when describing her, it got me thinking princess mmz. It was also very spontanious the way he asked me and approached me, at first he just points directly in my face, and apologizes for being too spontaneous, and then he pops the question, and i wasnt sure if he was apologising for being spontanious or apologising for his next act of spontaniousism. lol i told him, i'd think about it. I need to start preparing for random conversations, rather than being the random, but facing it. I had no idea how to reply, for starters, everyone was looking at me, second, i didnt want to reply too fast and come off as rude, third, he emphasised pretty alot, so i wana see how pretty, four, he kept asking me. Haha, my life has gone interesting again, woo hoo!!
This is just a random picture i found, which i thought was quite pretty. The typical korean girl. How whack does my life get? i have no idea. I'm still not even sure if he was joking, but he seemed pretty serious about it haha.