Friday, November 20, 2009

Hit me.

So as i was walking to the shops, i was thinking about someone. (No names will be mentioned). And its weird, because everytime i think about this person, I feel like i've met them beforehand (and i have). But its more like, i've been in the future and back, as if i've met them before i actually met them. And i remember when i did, it felt exactly like it was suppose to feel. I'm not saying i like this person in a certain manner, but its like, i could if i wanted to. Is that what they call soul mates? And as cliche as this may sound, but i feel as if, fates the dealer and we're the contestants. And we've all played blackjack, we're not competing with each other but the dealer.

So, as i was walking to the shops, i was thinking, summing up all the possibilities of why i feel as if each day is playing out as its suppose to. Why things happen for a reason? Why despite how i play, the same cards are just waiting to be laid down. And then i look up, i see two purely white doves, and im thinking, is that normal? i mean how often do you see doves? in Adelaide. Well for instance, i havnt seen a dove all year, yet alone that close, with that thought in mind. Maybe despite all those letters informing me of my "final notice" to return my event photoes from Maye's formal, it was suppose to lead to this moment.

I didnt see myself walking to the shops, i didnt see myself thinking about this person, i didnt expect doves waddling a few feets infront of me. It was as if, i was walking, and they flew directly infront of me, to get my attention. It could be the reason why i'm avoiding relationships now, because at the back of my head, i'm thinking nothings going to work out, until the trump cards been played.

Life is like a deck of cards, you never know whats going to be played, you cant predict the next card. We rely on luck, and chance, we all want to win, nobody wants to lose.

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