Monday, November 9, 2009

WeCam. (:


I've only ever webcammed with three people, Zoe, Janice, and Genial (mum webcams with cousin). The weird thing about webcamming is that you do things and say things you wouldnt normally do. Its strange, yet effective, you do more stupid things, or perhaps its just me. Gosh this is Genial doing the ring, i was showing my sign of approval, she had no idea i was gona screen shot it haha.

Webcamming is quite fun though, however i believe its one of those options you should only take when your severely bored. Because once your in, you're being watched. And if you use it frequently, it defeats the whole purpose of having one.

The above picture also illustrates that i am using the new msn messenger, dam i hate it. Its sort of growing on me now, because of all the moral support Sir-rah has been giving me, even though i keep bagging it out, and getting comments like your uncool if you've only just got the new msn (Jaime). Plus it also has a lack of privacy, for example when choosing a skin, other people who have your frame open can also see what skin your thinking of using, so i was giving Sir-rah the privacy talk, and being me, i have a folder of black mail photoes haha. She was on appear offline, so she couldnt see the example i gave her. You can only imagine. (:

Some things i've done on webcam, theres not really much to do for entertainment.
1. Make silly faces
2. Eat air
3. Show off all your toys
4. Patt people on the head (wtfuck? lol)
5. Staring contest
6. Eat infront of them.
7. Show off hair cuts (shifty eyebrow)
8. Look bored at each other.

I have yet to experience the real purpose of the Webcam or my version the "WeCam".


  1. cant believe i was ditched
    we webcammed numerous times too peter

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    i remember we were showing our toys to eachother
    well well well
    we shall webcam another time

  3. LOL welll i was just being honest :D

  4. And i webcammed with vince, sorry, nobody uses webcam on skype lol when i think webcam i think msn haha