Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm you and you're me.

Hello again, haha im so excited, im finally seeing my family again, even if its visually, i definiatly have the motivation to visit them next year. <3

This is one of my family's daughter, i have no idea, we have so many.

This is another two people in my family, i have no idea who they are, but they look happy.

This huge fellow is my cousins younger brother, he's 16, and his more ginormous than me. I rememeber him when i visited his home when i was 4, he was much smaller and less browner than me. *-* (wow my english sounds so bad here, but im too lazy to make it sound better) haha.

This is my beautiful cousin, well im not sure what she is, because my mums little sister has children (in the blog before this blog), and this is my mums elder sisters daughter, shes 18, older than Andy by a couple of months (i was saying Andy would never sercum to an older sister haha). Yet on webcam, she looked older and had more confidence, but if it were english we were speaking in, perhaps we might have chatted more. I'm so gonna learn chinese (manderin) again, im actually not that bad at reading haha. (:

This is her again and another cousin, i have no idea how many and how technical family gets haha. The image i had in mind of my homeland was old fashion and stuff, but it seems they are quite fashionable too. Its actually quite weird, out family has weird genetics, well the cool ones that is, because each of the cool ones of us all have a freckle on the exact same spot on our faces, either on the right or the left cheek, i had one on both sides, got one removed in the process, the other i kept scratching, must have rubbed off the medicine. D;

My family's someone, no idea who he is, i got confused somewhere in the process of understanding whose family and whose not, i dont even know now, my mum has two sisters, maybe his a brother of one of them. makes you think, international countries have closer family relationships than foreign countries like ours. They're whole family is like one family, when one gets married, everyone knows everyone, and here, its just marriage, and then get to know our partners parents and siblings, and i dont think it goes beyond that, maybe not in this age anyway.

I dont have a image of my uncle, well the guy whose married to my mums elder sister, we tried chatting for abit, but i was (shy) well not really, my chinese sucks so bad, i didnt know what to say, plus he embarassed me by asking "are you going to get married yet?" and i replied (giggerling) and looking up at my mum, then replying im only 19 haha. And he kept asking me, so i was like okay, his making me feel bad enough i dont even have a girlfriend yet. So i quickly flexed and let my mum back on.

We were sharing photoes of us and its weird because nobody really has any family photoes on their computer anymore, and we dont have pictures of our siblings too. I sent one of andy and michael, and then myself. My mum was being weird, because i sent one with michael and all girls in the background, shes like now send one of you and all girls, i was like, this isnt a competition. (weird emoticon face (shifty eyebrow one) well it was fun/very interesting, i want to see what the guy looks like who stole my gun when i was little. His probably bigger than me now.

But we're definiatly visitng them next year, im so applying for my passport now, otherwise i'd have visited this year. Better attend and do well in manderin school too. If anybody is interested in attending manderin school with me again for the 20th time, message me on msn haha. After what happened this year, i dont think Sarahs going to be attending it with me again haha. But will definiatly work on my language and definiatly visit family next year. Atleast i have something to look foward to for 2010.

I like this new blog thing, its alot more convenient the format, the display, the everything, its so much easier than the old system.  God bless.

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