Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just like Cupid, you're an Angle.

Omg! shocking news for me! well not really, more like nearly dream come true! for me this is better than catching the most powerful pokemon on game boy, having the best gear on world of warcraft, having the top score in counter-strike, winning in rock, paper, sciccors, better than Gold winning in sports day, better than finding out my D was a distinction and not a fail, better than actually winning a game in badminton with Sir-rah as my partner, this was real, this was me almost having my own little sister.

Monday night, my mums sister has purchased a webcam, after spending countless hours trying to understand jibberish for a language, i find the program they're using, downloaded and installled, immediatly webcammed with them, and i see my auntie for this first time in 15 years. She looks as young and beautiful as ever, and her children, the boys dont really matter to me, ive got enough boys at home. But she has a daughter who is 12, she looks 8. But shes so adorable like a cupid. And so we were talking to auntie, we decided to give her a name, they let me name her, so i came up with two suggestions, i decided Emily, than i thought no wait! Valerie! but i think im gonna go with Emily, i'll give my daughter Valerie. Not that im gonna have one anytime soon. haha

But she was so adorable, she can speak english, the day i meet her, my life will change. I'm so gonna spoil her. Shes like the little sister i've always wanted. Maybe if i had a sister, her resemblence may be similar. I'd never know. But atleast i have a cupid for a cousin! Sir-rahs my cousin too, but now i have another cousin! woo hoo! i named one of the boys david. I feel bad for having little interest in them, haha. I've become so bad at speaking my dialect, that it was almost like internet going dial up. Yep, conversation went so slow, every second word would be english. but who cares! i have the cutest cousin! Sarah suggested mailing her birthday and xmas presents, im gonna take that offer. This is like a dream come true for me.

I've always wanted a little sister, just to take care of, love and play with. You cant do that with brothers because, my philosophy is, if you have a close relationship with you brother from young to old, you'd probably turn out queer. haha, yes i have a whack way of philosiphying things. They're never right of course, i just like to make my point.

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