Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hot headed!

So last night i was talking to my mums white boyfriend, his name is Louey, not sure how to spell it. And the religion topic happend to come up. His a Catholic, im a Christian, mum is Buddhist. We start conversing about the differences and the history of the religion. If i leanrt one thing last night, its that Catholics dont eat meat on fridays i think it was. The weather is doing my head in. And with all respect, but i dont believe in the popes, and the "if your a pope, you cant get married thing" its no wonder why so many popes molest children. Perhaps im being too direct, but, i dont believe in the popes of this centrury. Louey quoted "popes are a load of bullshit, catholicsism is the biggest religion at the moment.

Im sure there are some legit catholics out there, but theres been so much controversy about popes and molestation. Makes you wonder why that system still exists. Loueys also been to paradise a couple of times. He said the services are very interesting, humouring, and new. Whereas at a catholic church, the pope sais the same thing every church event, its boring, he doesnt relate it to any modern day activities, its just reading and thats it, its no wonder why so many people fall asleep. He said its too traditional. And in my perspective, to many people view churches these days as too traditional, and i believe thats one contribution to why people hesitate on giving religion a go.

And then my mum talks about buddhism, and i get fired up about how that religion has no destination. I respect other religions, but when it comes to comparing, perhaps i get too fired up. I say what i believe, and pretty much i dont care what people think of me in that category. Buddhism is defined as escaping the cycle of rebirth, we feel pain and suffering everytime we are reborn. Christianity, offers salvation, a destination after death, a spiritual existence. In my opinion, thats more sensible, they also follow the 10 commandments, including being a vegitarian, it also doesnt imply that their God forgives us of our sins. Now to me, that seems like a impossible religion. We all have our beliefs, i just wanted to point that out.

I swear this weather is doing my head in. Im feeling so stressed, anxious, exausted, my eyes feel heavy, im pissed off with my brother and a friend. I still have this infection and still recovering from my last hayfever attack. I also missed church this morning. So what i was trying to do last night was make my mum come back to church with her boyfriend, that was the first time i spoke to him properly too. He probably thinks that im a hot headed person. But he respects me so, thats good. it was a interesting conversation, i should warn people beforehand if i ever talk religiously again.

My mum was saying, howcome we never see the pastors donate, and howcome theres offerings every church day, and when pastors go interstate and overseas to preach, where do they get the money from. I have no idea, but i said that they are sponsored, and that they use the money to build more churches around the world, and for special events to bring new people into the community. And then i went and said its the level of faith, you give on faith, and perhaps this came out wrong, but i said, you dont get it because you lack faith, thats the whole purpose, you give without knowing, its like believing without seeing, and i know there will always be doubts, i have doubts and still do. But when im fired up, i ignore my flaws and just elaborate onwards.

I have a thought, and its becoming a stereotype about pastors, but i wont post it here, i'll just keep it in my mind for now.
Thats me.


  1. you dont say :P im pretty sure i told you that about a few days ago? something along the lines of "when i was a little girl" i did this and that. now tell me something i dont know :P

  2. oh yeah you did. shows how much i pay attention to our conversations haha :) OH i have to tell you that after all your talk about that pimple of yours, there's now one on my forehead. and a tiny one on my nose. thanks.

  3. yeah definitely have to agree.. i'm a catholic myself and i don't think i'm the best example of one.. i actually considering converting into a christian.. but my family will have a massive fit over it 0___0" just like how they would when i change my surname..