Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Fray - How to save a life.


This scene has so much emotion in it, Dr Cox has never shown this much emotion in all the series of scrubs. The scene where J.D. is about to pull Dr Cox out of his pit, unfortunatly not all days go according to plan as this scene indicates, and thats just how life opperates. And i can imagine being a doctor, being obsessed with saving lives, i've been in my own type of obsessive stage, and the thing about being obsessed is you dont notice anything else but the matter. The transplanted organs they used were from a person who died from rabies, but they thought she died of drug overdose. So when they used the diseased organs, the transplant patients died from it. You can imagine how responsible you'd feel, and then the guilt from being obsessed would just kill you.

And when the last patient dies he sais to J.D. "he wasnt about to die was he newby? he coulda waited another month for a kidney" that came out so strong. Carla looked like she's trying to store her emotions to make herself look strong. And the final scene JD reminding Dr Cox what he taught him when he first arrived, Dr Cox walks away as though his emotions are more important than his career. The thing that makes this clip really touching is that throughout the series, Dr Cox is known to be a major smart ass, one of the best doctors in the hospital, a jackass, and emotionless. And that scene was able to erase all those characteristics.

They also used one of the best songs ever written "The Fray - How to save a life" fit pefectly into the scenes, Scrubs couldnt get any better.

Scrubs is one of those series where everyone is the main character, they're all hilarious, nobody can be favoured more, J.D. being the narrator makes him stand out, but i cant really say, i have a favourite character, they're all hilarious.

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