Monday, November 9, 2009

Roses are red and roses are red.


It took me a while to decide, yet to recreate the original rose, but it was done. Only recently i discovered editing a blog background was possible. And it was then that i came up with the idea to make my blog more attractive to compete with all the other blogsters, to make up for my level of crap linguistic.

So i ended up using the above one as you can see, mainly because it reflected the white background (white zig zags) It took me forever to work out i couldnt make the letters inside the picture transparent, because i was expecting too much from photoshop (paint really haha).

This one has my signature in red. It looks kind of magical. Its strange, i have no idea why i have such an interest in roses. Well i believe if anything should symbolise what we feel, a rose is that symbol. Its beautifully engineered, red petals symbolise love, hate, anger, stress, happyness, and the green leaves and thorns represent the poison life holds on us. We're surrounded and feel all this pain, yet we live in a hopeful world, a world that searches for love.

It's also been a very poppular sign to me. It keeps occuring and occuring, repetitively. What makes it a sign is that i notice it, and when i do, i have a very deep feeling, im not sure what its about, but everytime i see it, i feel as if i should cheer up. Strange, i know. Or some would say, childish. But this is what makes me who i am, i believe what i choose to believe, i speak freely, i judge on what i feel, and i follow my feelings (Heart).

As for "Gone rogue" thats an expression of me i guess. You could say at the moment, im rogued. But, as for the roses, i thought i'd decorate my page with something that means something to me. And what better than an unpredictable rose. As for "Two is better than one" i just find that quote very meaningful. Its obviously true, but sometimes the truth isnt what matters, its what reminds you of the truth and what makes the truth, even if its wrong.

Two is better than one, no matter how you see it. I've always seen myself as a "solo". I've always thought having a partner was weak. And thats a bad characteristic of me, sometimes i think by myself, i solo myself, i dont share (rarely), i forget that im not alone anymore, so i do things my way. Two is better than one, its so obvious, yet it makes me think. It must mean more to me than just that, otherwise i wouldnt be thinking so much.

And its occured to me that God has been trying to speak to me this week and last week. He reminds me of things i should fix. Like, he'd make it not obvious, but say im watching telivision, and he'd make me notice a characters name, and then i'd be thinking about that person. Or even have a series played out directly like my life and i'd be like, haha yeh i handled that totally differently, even wrongly, its funny, and i know i can still do something about it, but i wont.

Theres one thing i hate, someone who has so much pride in themself, that they wont take an honest apology, or misunderstanding, they're too caught up in themself that if they were to sercum to my offer they'd feel despised. That they'd try to make my life hell because i made a simple honest mistake, they get real stubborn, affended and stuck up, that eventually when they take your offer, they cant seem to accept that you are totally not what they assumed you to be. They say thank you, but we're both thinking, theres no meaning behind it.

It stresses me so much that people are caught up in their pride, i admit i am. But im not very stubborn about it, i dont get affended, i just dont care. But not being able to look past your pride for something that benefits you is just stupidity. I hope i never meet another person like you, even if your view of me has changed, it kills me that your so short tempered, and childish. Then again, boys will be boys.

So why is it that guys hold grudges on each other more than girls? Gosh i suck at tolerating guys, at the moment i have no male friend that i talk to on msn, on the phone, or hang out with one on one. To be honest, i find hanging with a guy friend awkward at times. It freaks me out, unless we're on our way some where, but other than that, just hanging with guys feels weird. I'm weird. Maybe i should work on my perspective towards guys.

See with girls, if they get on fire, it wouldnt bother me as much, but when a guy raises his flames at me, i burn back. Only male exceptions Raf, Quoc (James). Then again, i never get into any disputes with most my male friends, not close enough to reach the dispute stage. This blog has gone way off track. Well i guess those are my thorns.

And the best thing about a rose is, we focus on the petals and not the thorns.

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  1. yeah dude
    sometimes i find it awkward to be with girls..