Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why does love always feel like a battlefield?

Man i'm so not thinking straight these days, going off my mind. Chasing love again to avoid all this (Unexplainable dilemas) going on. I have it easy, yet each step feels so out of this world. Where did i go wrong, im sure i can bypass this feeling. If i learnt anything from this, its that nobody understands you unless they too share your pain. Chasing love because its distracting is not the right way, yet why does it seem to work? No battlefield is wide enough, nothing is more worth the risk.


  1. Love is the battlegrounds of the Iraq war and I'm president Bush, sitting in my comfy chair sipping top-grade, unpaid-overworked-labourer-harvested coffee watching millions die as I give the orders to send more troops in.
    Embrace the single life, my friend.

  2. wow i love the way cheryl writes, so sophisticated haha
    cheryl you should be a jouranlist/author/someone that writes stuff because you are so good and it's not fair *sigh*