Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday Morning. (:

So as discussed on Saturday morning, Sarah decides she needs tuition for math studies from an old scholar student from Norwood Morialta High School, some people know him to be Minh Nguyen. Very smart enthusiastic person, but his sexuality is questionable, with all respect. Sarah was telling me that when he called back, he miss-called the wrong telephone, in-fact it was Sarahs dads mobile, he picked up, and judging from the voice across the line, he responded "Sarah, Victoria on the phone" Sarah takes over and tells them, its her tutor. Her mum said something funny.

Anyway so sunday, it was decided 2 hours of tuition at the state library at 11am. Picking Sarah up at 9:40am a tad bit late, we were lucky we hadn't missed the bus. We're always lucky seeing as everytime i pick her up, we're always 5-10mins late. And then as a casual converse, theres always the "hey! look, there are people waiting, i gues we hadn't missed it after all". We got to town at about 10am, having 30minutes to explore the early sunshine morning of Rundle Mall. We discovered Rundle Mall had its own pet shop, which was interesting, however it was closed. We also decided to visit borders in which i was fascinated by the "Mary and Martin, Penguine books" we were talking about books and their covers, how we'd buy a stack of books purely based on looks. On the way down Rundle, we passed the Arcade, i've never really explored the Adelaide Arcade, so we went inside, and as usual, i critisize what i find interesting (whack). Walking down the hall ways, we noticed a morning glory, however, it was the Australian version. And we also came across a dress up shop, they had the most beautiful masks i had ever seen. The shop was close, but people were inside, we were window shopping, and came across a mask with missing gaps. it looked really nice, would have been fun to take photoes, but we had no access to the accesories.

So after exiting the Arcade, we did more window shopping, i for one have a weird habbit of telling the person im shopping with that "i like to look at dresses" we walked passed several displays, i found 4 very nice ones, some agreeable, some not. We then proceeded to the intersection between this hotel and hair salon, where we took cam whored just above the dining halls of David Jones. Funny faces and of course the thick black glasses. And proceeded into Morning Glory, where i found a massive Yoshi doll and hugged it. Soft toys tend to get to my soft spot, if its soft and squishy, i want it. Unfortuantely it was exspensive, we were walking down rundle with our thick black glasses going "its fine, we're asian so we can use pretend toys".

Having the clock reach 10:50am, we then proceeded to heading towards the State Library, Sarah thought it was a good idea to take a photo infront of the musuem but we were running low on time. So we rushed towards the library, and i was telling Sarah a story about doing a recent survey based on the facilities of the library. I took the survey, and at the end suggested they should have a employee of the month award. This came into my mind, as i have made friends with one of the officers (security guards). I attend the State Library so often he remembers me and always asks me about my day and we exchange converse about how i find my course boring and him working here and at his restaurant + renovations is killing him. Its always nice to see him, he has the nicest greetings. Well me and Sarah entered the library deciding to book a room ahead of schedule, i volunteered to offer my ID as a exchangable item for a 2 hour room, however, my Uni ID card had disapeared, realising that i had hidden it from the eyes of Cherie and Genial coming over at movies night, i forget to put it back into my wallet.

Sarah going back towards the very nice officer to reclaim her bag/wallet took her time, i was forced to conduct an awkward conversation with the librarian. He started of by saying "well! you'll be in room 4 *smiles" and me. being a fan of 4 and 8 responded by saying "4's great! i like 4, thank you." Him thinking im out of my mind stares back towards his computer screen, me fidgeting with my hands waiting for Sarah to come back begins to get nervous. Im standing there, staring at him staring at his screen, i noticed Sarah walking pacefully towards me, "you took your time cousin" i responded, we got our room. Minh had still not arrived so we waited outside the library, it was very warm and stuffy. We also got on the elevator and me using the mirror to adjust my hair, pursuading Sarah that we have roughly 10 seconds to take a quick picture. We managed to pull it off in 5 seconds, as 5 seconds was all we had. Reminding Sarah that i had also attempted this same experiment with Eeshin and Hoi, however being aquinted by some total stranger seeing 3 fobs in a elevator crouching and taking a picture, then apologising and walking away giggerling.

After several guesses of possible Minhs. We noticed he was already inside, he was surprised to see me i might add. So we entered the library again, and there was a officer change, my guy must have been on break. Minh and Sarah proceeded to the room, while i proceeded towards the laptop charging tables. Updating myself on facebook, and commenting on Raymonds profile, telling him he shouldnt rely on others to be at the library to come for himself, getting no where in the converse. I decided to finnish my report on Miller 64 and power point presentation, making several slides and fb comments, i thought i may need more research, finnished writing my report for my 2pm meeting with uni group, i thought i'd bug Pheobe since she popped online and i still had 30minutes to wait for Sarah. I think i have a tendecy to pick on people who have animals, or perhaps i like teasing people about eating the animal. I've also recently picked a new nickname for Phoebe as Pobe. As mean as it may sound, it is explainable.

After finnishing my research and report, and power point presentation, Sarah has finnished her tuition, i somehow missed her walking by. To my surprise Genial and Raf has also entered the State Library, inviting me and Sarah to lunch. We decided to join in, some conflict arrose, but were settled i suppose. However, it seems Genial and Sarah get along like a house on fire. We had lunch in Myer food courts, me being a major fan of Gloria Jean's "Ice white chocolate" had to puchase one to celebrate my productiveness. After lunch we went to my Uni campus, City West. Acting as the tour guide and showing Sarah, Raf and Genial the beautiful Art Gallery (Sarcasm) it was much better the previous semester. We met up with my group and proceeded to put our work together, it is to my attention that i have taken the assignment the most serious. They on the other hand have not finnished researching and power pointing.

Me being finnished, decided to help out, and lend Genial and Raf my laptop to play with. Sarah was studying Math studies, and Genial and Raf going through my personal photoes and data. I had to keep checking on them. As i do have some personal write ups in some folders. We also went on webcam and posed to some pictures and made a funny video which Raf deleted. We then proceeded to taking to bus home, well i had to take cousin Sarah home, because shes like the only family i have here. And i love bussing with Sarah, we have the craziest conversations about the atmosphere and people in the bus. Anyway after emphasizing about the bus thing, i forget to mentioned, we missed the bus, and Me and Sarah suggesting Raf and Genial going to church beforehand because I had to take Sarah home. did not go according to plan. We also bumped into Eric.T at the 209 bus stop.

Well after walking Sarah home, we thought we'd accompany Eric too. I also lent Emily (Sarahs Elder sister) my precious Jodi Picoult book. It was a very sunny day i must admit. We got to my house at i dont know 6:20pm, mum washing the car, and being forced to eat dinner before i could leave, made the other two eat with me. I then had a crazy idea of getting my hair cut, since we had to wait for the car seats to dry under the sun. After cutting a quarter of my head, i thought i'd let Genial do the rest of the cutting and styling. I could feel that my sides were gone. My precious sides. She then proceeded towards my fringe, which was ammitingly scary. My dog loves to cry for attention, spinning around rubbing its butt on the cement. Mum then decided to let me drive to church, and was suppose to let me drive them back home to help me finnish my 18 hours left of driving, but was out on a date so i had no car.

We then proceeded to enter the church which was interesting, as the place was re-arranged neatly. We missed out on the entire service, i felt bad, so i went to do my own type of prayer, although i only spent maybe 20minutes, until someone interuppted me, i got freaked out and left. However, i feel as if, i shouldnt have left because i was worried about me being weak in faith. I stayed maybe 2minutes after she left, but i thought maybe she might come back to pray for me, so i quickly ran. Then there was the delicate music sung by the very talented and hansome "Matt Harris" Viva la Vida and "somebody" were the nicest songs. There were so profound dancing, and maybe some drama that occured, but apart from that the night got better.

Elysia decided to take us out for ice cream in the Parade. It was interesting, we were acompanied by the lovely, Melissa, Cherie and Raf. I being the very typical ice cream/chocolate fan, decides to purchase a all chocolate ice cream with chocolate budds. Cherie purchased something with banana, the recomended ice cream from the sailsman. Elysia went with Cranberries i think, Melissa i have no idea, and Raf passed on ice cream. I like to make Raf feel bad because i have this saying that, "if your down, eat chocolate ice cream, it'll make you feel better" so me getting sick of my all chocolate flavoured ice cream decided to blame Raf on letting me down by not ever catching up with me during holidays, him putting the blame at me, making himself vulnerable allows me to recommend him a chocolate ice cream to cool him down. Obviously nobody falls for my open minded tricks.

We decided to drop Raf home, getting invited in for Coffee, Melissa was outraged due to her test the next day. We then proceeded to my house having a very nice conversation i might add. It was nice conversing with the cherie at the back, she has done 31 hours of driving, and me 32 hours of driving adding my legit ammounts of yet to be recorded hours onto my log book. Melissa then decides to have the idea of a holiday trip to Melbourne. It was a interesting topic to discuss, however it then led to another topic which caused i would say awkward silents on the ride home. haha not really, i just thought i'd point it out.

It was very interesting, i quite enjoyed it. By the way, i've made two recent official new friends Jaime and Justine. Theres actually a funny story behind them adding me on msn at the same time, i thought i'd play them, Justine is probably gona stab me because shes very gullable and still believes i have a step sister, Jaime on the other hand was able to see through my wickedness. It was indeed very interesting, and it makes my summer holidays stranded here in Adelaide more positive.

Well im done writing this really long blog, i will upload photoes now, was gonna say tommorow, but i probably wouldnt get back to it.

We took alot more photoes, but Cousin was very nice to log into my face book account and upload these two photoes. i will upload the rest another time.
Coolest Cousin Ever.

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