Friday, October 9, 2009

Dreams. *-*

Had the strangest dream ever.

Dream 1:

Elysia was driving me and cherie home, and we were on that highway near her house, and the scene changed to a watery beach like flood. And i thought it was real, i was like hey cherie, "is there a beach behind your house?" and we kept driving, it was an epic scenery, Adelaide would be way cooler if they had the scenery from my dreams. It was practically a town being flooded by water, yet people managed to live in the lifestyle and go fishing and other stuff. We kept driving down the highway, and after a long drive, we reached foodland. And i was like, i thought you were dropping Cherie home? howcome we're here?

They probably had that in my foodland haha

Apparently this foodland was the God of all foodlands, Cherie and Elysia seemed to know what they were talking about, so we went in. And it was friggen epic. First thing i saw was like a mall that had everyfood, and not just food, i saw sushi, and i was like, i've had better, then Cherie and Genial magically popped up and said "Gordon Ramsay cooked it" and they had free samples for every food! Some guy came and gave me a sample, and i was still making up my mind. And then i was like okay im gonna stop thinking "and then my brain turned on" i was like crap, if i stop im gonna wake up, and then i stopped and i woke, and i was like GAH! i didnt get to try Gordons sushi!!!!

Dream 2:

I dreampt that i had a little sister and Andy was still my brother, we were in some house argueing about which room is ours. And then that dog we saw after Kbbq, was there, and it was our dog. It kept running on the bed and jumping towards me, and i was being a duche and knocked it down 3 times, then it started frowning so i went and patted it. But then the dream changed so weirdly, we were being hunted. I took my little sister to the lollishop, and i was like, man this place blows, they have crap stuff. The owener came out with ninja's trying to force me to buy their candy. And i was like no thanks im going next door, then we ended up flexing it back home after getting chased. Was a whack dream, and if i said my sister was white, what would you guys think? LOL!

They were actually quite peaceful dreams. Dam i wanted to explore that shop.

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