Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunday me!

Sunday morning was not my typical Sunday. In-fact, i decided to go to sunday service at Paradise Community Church because Sarah didnt need to go to the library. And the great thing this time was that, because i actually have Justine as a friend now, i dont need to sit by myself anymore, which makes it a whole lot more exciting. So from now on, i dont think i'll be having anymore boring sundays. I woke up at 9am, got ready, behaved well, and my mum let me drive to church, arriving 10minutes late and missing the first three quarters of worship. Justine was suppose to meet me in the front but i gues she wasnt patient enought, then again, i no longer have a phone, so contacting me is impossible, as Mark Evans would agree.

I dont know how to reply to him back. Anyway, so i decided to go sit in balcony, Justine found me, still in the last 5 minutes of worship, then they sang Amazing Grace, which was awsome, im not sure if thats going to be a casual thing now, but it was very nice, actually, i never get told off, i blame Justine, she asked me how i got here, and i got excited because i stuffed up my driving on my way to church, no idea what i was doing. Reversed out of the driveway, forgot to change gear, stepped on the acelerator, then stomped the breaks, then i was like okay, lets do this! without thinking i pull up the hand breaks, then was about to accelerate, mum was like *facepalm. Whats wrong with you today? i had no idea, then i managed to get my head straight, i was talking too loud because my ears were blocked, some asian guy told us off.

Anyway, after service i was on my way to the library, as always. Justine was on her way to town, for a interview, so she gave me a lift, however, she didnt mention her parents would also be accompanying us. I told her i was very good with parents, unless of course they judge before they prefer to get to know me like the majority, but they were very interesting, and polite i must say, inviting me to lunch, Justine was like "no no!" i should have said yes :P haha i joke. Anyway, not sure what happened there, we both ended up at the library and bumping into Jarod.

Raf was suppose to be there, but he skipped. Anyway, we stayed there for a long while, this part gets boring apart from the procrastination and my unorganisedness, so skip the next 3 hours, we decided to get lunch, and knowing me, im the worse at making decisions. So i thought i'd let Justine choose, she also was bad at decision making so we agree'd to play "rock, paper, sciccors" i lost of course as always. So it was up to me, i chose ajisen Ramen, but it was closed. And i did not want fate to win again, so we had to avoid maccas at all cost. I suggested we try Mexican, mmmmmm yum!

Trust me, im the worse at everything, so umm what would you like they asked" umm what would you recommend? i replied. The vegitarian or if you like meat, go the mince! umm okay, i'll try the mince thanks, Justine going the Vegitarian changes when she see's i have chicken. Would you like beans with that, umm would you reconmend it? yes! umm okay, i'll try it, i think. Capiscun? yes please, cheese? yep, tomatoes? nope, tomatoes with mango? nope, lettuce? yep. We decided to get coffee at Gloria Jeans too, Irish nut Crem'e and Mocha i think. The mexican was so so so so so so crap! i exist to make crappy decisions, next time, i'll go with my second idea.

We had a very interesting conversation about many things. Consisting of random questions, relationships, people, food, names, adrian lol. and other things, it was a pretty good day, sorry for this boring blog, but im really sick still and i have no effort to try to make it more interesting. bye!

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