Thursday, October 22, 2009

Red is affection.

Do you ever feel like you could offer so much? wonder why things are the way they are? why it is so hard to show affection? by affection i mean towards family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, teachers, community, God. I've talked about this before, but it has come to my attention again, that at this time of the year, i still have made little progress in showing my affection towards loved ones. Its so simple, yet so hard to express. And if your thinking, i show affection everyday, by yawning then thats not the type of affection im talking about. So what is affection?

Googles Definition of Affection:

Affection: Affection is a "disposition or state of mind or body" that is often associated with a feeling or type of love.

(M.P. González, E. Barrull, C. Pons y P. Marteles, 1998) describes affection as using expressions to describe our emotional state. He also quoted that "emotions and affection are similar, however, affection is showing someone you care, producing some emotion, whereas emotion is something that takes place inside.

It is also scientifically proven that girls may receive more affection than boys, especially when they are emotionally distressed. Boys, alternately, may be told when they seek affection, such as when they are injured, to toughen up. Even though we think we’ve shed these gender differences, evidence to the contrary is available in a variety of studies; we are still harder on boys.This can matter a lot when boys and girls grow up, because girls will expect a higher degree of affection than boys, who have been nurtured to give less.

The purpose of this post was that my grandma leaving for 3months to china gave me the impression that im growing up slowly. I mean it was in my mind, i wanted to give her a hug good bye and i would like a phone call when she lands, but i didnt do any of that, instead i played the tough boy act. Said bye, never looked back. There are alot of things i wish i could say and show to some of my friends, but it's what they'll think from a sudden change that worries me. We're all adaptable to change.

When i think affection, i think of the color red, when i think love, i think red. When i think anger, i think red. When i think rage, i think red. When i think hot, i think red, When i think power,i think red. What are colors? do they exist for our purpose to see? how is it that one color can establish all these emotions? i swear life offers more than we see, and one day, it'll all be revealed to us. im too supersticious. Yet i have faith that, we can live in a world thats beyond our wildest dreams/imagination. Some people may call that heaven, some people believe heaven is a place on earth. But i believe that if physical and spiritual existence can exist, so can a community and a poppulation of physical and spiritual beings. So aslong as we're physical now, and until we've become spiritual, we will remain here on earth.

Sure, i think more than the average. Sure my thinking gets me no-where, because they're just dreams and fantasy. But i'm content, because if we didnt dream, if we didnt have something to find, to look foward to, we'd be purposeless. And as crazy as that sounds, as crazy as i sound, i believe that no matter the hight, the width, the length, the magnificance of a dream, there is a way of having it. If we can dream it, we can have it, we can have something similar, something better, something just like it. We dream to heighten our expectations and hope. Sure some people lack faith, a dream should stay in a dream, but i believe dreams can come true. Im not talking crazy stuff, but i do believe God does speak to certain people in their dreams.

I believe our dreams are interwind with our spiritual self.

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