Thursday, October 15, 2009

Diagnosed with love?

I never thought it was possible myself, until tonight, i experienced my own type of crush towards a television program called "Glee". Co-star Lea Michele playing the lead singer Rachael Berry has the most amazing voice i have ever heard. Her voice could make cupids fall in love, and even possibly change the wayward wars that have occured in history, perhaps even awaken Paris's nostalgia and neglect the war against Hellen of Troy. Her voice was everything but boring, the emotion was everywhere, as if a bon fire burning pine wood leaking its pitch black smogg over the shores of the beach, clear and breath taking.

Infact, i could feel how passhionate her voice was. It was like a cry, but no ordinary cry, a battle cry, not for war, but for the magnificance of music. Music has a way of reaching places where nobody else can, its what i would describe to be as a spiritual touch. It lifts us, changes our moods, makes us happy, makes us sad, we feel it mentally and even respond to it physically. Music it what drives the world sane.

Im gonna admit this, which i wouldnt normally do, but since im feeling fantastic, and more myself these days. I will admit that pashionate things make me teary. I have no idea why, it can probably make me cry. When im feeling the passion and the emotion of the song, my heart beats i think slower? and i feel this undescribable heart ache, its like that feeling when someone you like comes near and your heart goes numb. Yet my hearts fallen head over heels for this voice in a box. And i know it sounds cliche to fall in love with something thats fantasy, but her voice really makes me feel. And i would encourage anybody and everybody who has never given "Glee" the opportunity, to embrace it.

Words cannot describe the emotions i felt, i know its steroetypical for music to be felt. But Glee is the way to go. The passion and the voice was so amazing, it was like witnessing a miracle take place, like the feeling of grasping a new born babys thumb. Im so excited for next weeks episode. I would also like to mention that the lead singer Rachael Berry is also quite pretty, her character is maybe comes off as "up herself" but who cares, she has the voice of an Angel. Her voice could probably be the very cause of the card "Change of hearts" meaning a cause which changes the heart from good to bad or vice versa. She certianly reached down my pit of darkness and gave me a new light to gaze upon. Heck i've most likely (admitting) fallen in love with her voice already, its so captivating, it gets you mesmerised. Yes, i am in love, i love Rachael berry's angelic voice.

I would like to diagnose myself with a love syndrome dedicated to Glee's very talented star Lea Michele. I quote "baby i can feel your halo, halo, i can see your halo. im walking on sunshine.. whoa! whoa! halo! halo!" Amazing!!! i will continue my excessive obsession about Rachael berry after i help my brother raid Zul Frak.

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