Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm a flirt, you're a flirt, we should flirt.

After watching gossip girl, i feel obligued to write my own type of philosophy on guys. As a guy, i am mentally aware of all reputations around me, and i would like to point out to everybody, that at some point in our lives, for ever guy out there, we have to choose whether to hold on to our image or to simply let go. I for one have not letten go, and will keep building my image. Inside every guys mind is to probably contain that image to impress a certain individual, or rather beable to get the attention of a potential individual. I'll re-state that, whether we have someone or not, we like to beable to know that if a potential somebody comes by, we would be confident enough to ebrace them.

Now there are several ways of building a reputation (image). And there are certainly many reasons for doing so, and mine is simply what i have just described. As egotistic as that sounds, that is me. Im on and off because i have this good image side and this bad image side, and whats happening is, im staying on the good side too long. I really hate it when someone calls me a "good boy". Now apart from ourselves, every guy out there knows that we live in our own game, and each and everyone of us, is our own enemy, apart from ourselves.

We also tend to say things we dont mean. We say things that hurt. We possibly dont care about what you say about yourself as long as its not about us. Every guy flirts, its in our nature, if you dont think we do, we probably do it behind your back, however, flirting has its own definition. We dont flirt because we want to, but because its become a naturual behaviour. Now we cant control that, theres a difference with flirting, and flirting with a intention, they belong in two very distinctive category.

It has occured to me that i have lost control on that blue print. Im so careful with whom i talk to especially around ex's, because i have this belief that their emotions might just get hurt, even if they've moved on. Now i know thats being generous, but its a naive way of thinking. Assuming is never the right path. I learnt from gossip girl that, whether you hurt someone or not, its not your fault, you simply hurt them, and they must face it. Even if you love them or when your unaware, its how you grow up. If pain didnt exist, where would we all be now?

Flirting is fun, you can flirt with friends, boy friends, girlfriends, and even to ex partners. The fun thing about flirting is that, you never know what to expect. And if you try to stop yourself from coming out as flirtatious, it only leaves you speechless. Now, some people may disagree with this philosophy, but that is my view. As a guy, we always have several girls we like, even before we meet them or know their name. We're actually so conservative that before the girl is ours, we make it clear that nobody else will have the same opportunity. Or rather, we make it clear to all the male species out there that this is our target.

Flirting is also our way of showing that we like you. Now that doesnt mean just because your being flirted with we like you in more than a friend way. Theres a difference, flirting verbally and mentally are just ways to tease you. When we flirt by getting close, or even touching, thats when you should know, its more than a game. However if you flirt back, its understandable, but, a flirt followed by a smile, we're able to misunderstand. If we choose to make it obvious, then you should know, you've become the target whether you like it or not. If we flirt with you and nobody else, it means we want a serious relationship. If we make eye contact and look away, thats not neccesarily a flirt, its more a compliment, we think you look good, but the opportunity to tell you so hasnt come. If we maintain the eye contact, then we like you.

I know, we sound like savage animals, claiming whats not even ours. And just like carnivores and herbavores we both exist, some are genuine and some not, some try both. And it is those that dont play the game that i praise. Because, before any game begins, we're still sane, it is when we choose to fight for what we want, we become that cannibal. And once we've made that choice, theres no going back but to keep playing. Its either that or have this haunting image in our minds.

I hate girls, they're mans one weakness. They ate the fruit of good and evil, they killed Troy. They break our hearts, they say things they dont mean. They come and they go, they control us. I told genial, man i hate girls, yet i love to hate them, and thats why we love them, because they're able to take away our sovereighnity. They're able to replace our throne with a couch. And they use themselves against us.

Lets face it, we either live with someone we love, or live with someone we hate, and i dont want some woman driving me crazy for the rest of my life. I guess its better to accept them for who they are, i love how Genial emphasises on how tarded girls are. So there you have it, we're a bunch of flirts who doesnt know what they want until its gone. I believe everyone will learn by that principal one way or the other. And by the way, it is those closes to us that surprise us the most.

Can we play?

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