Thursday, December 24, 2009

Webcamming with Sarah.

Haha we were drawing pictures and writing through webcam, becuase Sarah doesnt have a microphone (facepalm). that picture looks kinda like me.

Sarah "Peter has a grandma lamp in his room" -.- Its a vintage lamp lol.

Peter: "haha your ikeacloset looks like Osama is living in it"

Making weird faces and drawing each other, dam i swear i screenshotted an old granny picture i drew of Sarah and then a normal picture of her, but it disapeared (facepalm).

Sarah wouldn't wear her green frog shower cap!

This frog cap -.- (facepalm)

Laugh at your face! "I see you"

haha i havnt webcammed in so long, Sarahs the fourth person i've webcammed with now. What a joy. So im probably gonna get stab when she reads my blog and finds that i uploaded pictures of her in a granny suit. (Pictures Sarah in 70 years wearing sneakers, having short white curly hair and wearing oversized jumpers and carrying a walking stick, and being real cranky).

So im suppose to be at work now, but mum didnt wake me up, so i guess i'll go during Sarahs lunch and seeing as Alan will be visiting us, its going to be exciting. Lunch then work all night haha. Last night had a weird dream with Vic Jono Qouc and Sarah. It was so weird, yet felt so real, i woke up feeling like "dam im still at home!"

Well todays the day, time to make a phone call and get Jaime off my back. haha jk.

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