Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Facebook has done it this time!

Hello again, i guess i havnt blogged in awhile, but thats because ive been really occupied with other things. Anyway it has come to my attention that (facebook) groups speak out to a majority of the poppulation. It made me think that we really do think similar as individuals, despite our beliefs, culture, ethnics, colour. For instance i recently joined the group "I create scenarios in my head about what could happen if..." And i find these groups really interesting because as we grow, we forget how we use to think. And im not sure if its just me, but i think that category is mainly used on girls (becuase im a guy). I hate that feeling where after everything, after goodbyes, you walk away going "Crap! i should have said something".

And then theres the group "you're online and i want to talk to you but im not saying hi first". Boy this one is a slap in the face. I admit i do this, and i never use to, but it only occurs when you realise your the only one keeping the conversation alive, or when they give you one word replies makes you think (fuck that or fuck them). I think one word replies are the worse, and the way i tolerate it is by killing the friendship. No point having a relationship with someone who cant even put an effort into making a sentence or asking simple questions. And then when they need help or want something, they try (Try) to conduct a conversation but once you either accept or decline, the conversation is set to be doomed. And then once you've reached this procedure, and encounter them in reali life, its like, man what do i do facepalm* when normally you'd have a normal converse, but its when you realised that you begin to shut yourself down from them, giving them simple answers and refrain from giving them a full disclosure of information. And i admit, its like you wait on msn just to see that person pop online, dont do anything, you go offline, and you end up repeating it until you've replaced that friendship, facepalm*

(haha there were two girls online, but I thought it'd be funnier to use Phoebe lolol"

And then theres the "back in the days, i used my eraser as a fortune teller" now tell me you havnt tried this. You'd go and write yes and no on each side, and on the inbetweens you put yes, no also, or leave it as a maybe. I use to love that game in primary school, infact i based it on almost every decision. Which has perhaps lead me to my bad decision making skills. I remember i liked this girl in primary school, and i was like "magical eraser, if you land on yes, i'll do something about it" and you'd want it to land on yes, and when it does, you think "okay, i'll do it another time" but you never get back to it. I use to love the magical eraser, it was mainly abused, for instance "is so and so gay?" good times, haha, i bet every guy has experimented with that question. Girls probably flip the eraser going "(femanine voice) whose prettier? me or her?" end up facepalming* "Ah crap! re-roll!".

 And finally (for today) theres the "dont ask for my opinion and get mad when i tell you the truth". (Evil stare) at Justine. But not relating to Justine now (lol). Alot, and i mean alot of people ask for advice, yet they dont take it, and even when they realise you're right, they still refuse to accept it, despite getting hurt more and more. And that pisses me off, not because they dont listen, but because they're hurting themselves. la di da sparkling some fire here.

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