Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas party at the Angs.

Christmas 2009!

Christmas organised by me at the Angs.

Enjoying the food and cam whoring (Rebecca, Jung, me and Priscilla)

Me and Justine playing cards (check out Eunice in the background haha)

Kevin and me. (hard to get a photo with Kevin being normal haha)

Melissa and I, she was cleaning everything, she pretends to be camera shy, but we all know its a cover up.

Elysia and me, such a cozy house.

Me and Vi, she came late as usual. But the point is she came.

Elysia, me and Zhe.


Me an Darryl doing our freeze.

Daryl clinging on to me (haha nothing gay)

haha watching Justine stack it on the swings.


The pedo in the dark :O jk!

haha defying gravity! (unlike Thong stacking it on a flat surface, and Justine, landing on her butt off a swing)

"S" for Superman, because we are superhuman.

Losing card haha (5 of clubs)

Winning card (Ace of Hearts, highest card in the game)

It was a night full of Christmas, alot of chocolate, photoes, and games. Playing "guess who" which was super awesome, i was the first to lose, then Le, then Thong and Elysia, Vanta won by default haha. Scrabble lasted pretty long which failed haha. We then proceeded to highest card poker, placing it on our foreheads. Played at the playground, and watched white chicks. It was a good evening. Vi came late, but as long as she came. Me and Vanta were the photographers and Jung. Jung and Rebecca were sketching pictures of people, and Adrian and Thong were playing with the I-Touch.

Justine got lost, Vanta tried to catch the giant black rabbit outside while looking like a tard infront of the Ang parents lol. Melissa trying to squish the earwig that wouldnt die. Everyone choking from the Vodka Jelly. Me and Vanta opening Melissas door and finding out that it was her dad in the room ran away (haha) Pillow fights and a giant Christmas tree, that was our Christmas 2009. Pretty awesome. Costly, but worth it.

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