Monday, December 21, 2009

2010 the start of a new year.

2010 is around the corner, some people loved 2009, and some not so much. 2010 calls for a new blog, and new friends. It also calls for new resolutions. We're gonna have a very blessed 2010 i can feel it.

10 resolutions for 2010:
1. Get a girlfriend.
2. Beat Jun at badminton, and become pro at badminton with Sarah.
3. Get my P2's.
4. Stay a Christian.
5. Attend all lectures and tutorials.
6. Be more social.
7. Draw something once a month with satisfaction.
8. Put on some weight.
9. Find a job.
10. Be more generous and supportive.

11. Be nicer to Jaime Ma. (evil stare)


  1. haha as i was in the shower, i was like i will make a 11 just for you :P true story! and it as exactly as you have written :P

  2. wow jaime. u must feel honoured. peter thinks of you even in the shower haha.

  3. In the shower not taking a shower Elysia -.-" anw fudge last night, as i was in the shower, i noticed a huge black spider! i turned on the hot water, got a huge cup, started pouring it on the spider til it fell down the drain, water became boiling hot i think killed hte spider, it went down the drain, i was so obnoxious, i repeated the pouring down the drain another 6 times with boiling hot water just incase >.<

  4. wat on earth were you doing in the shower if you were not taking a shower? =/

    gosh be a man peter. just kill the spider with your bare hands.

  5. haha i hate spiders, i was getting ready for a shower, til i noticed the spider!

  6. gosh you're such a girl peter haha only a spider :P

    and no way you thought of putting me in it. liar!
    but i do feel honoured. wooo!

    now to see whether peter will keep his new years resolutions......

  7. haha i was in the bathroom, thats what i mean by shower, but not taking a shower la. Im usually in the bathroom, seeing if i need to cut my hair. haha new years resolution, doo di doo.

  8. i don't see no.12. Hone my imagination to go on exciting adventures with chauchau... i need to get my P's.. i'm fair pro already, just lazy. 5, 7 and 10 are lol.

  9. haha we will go on exciting adventures, we still have to conquer the world before age conquers us!