Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Webcam moments and Boxing day extravaganzer. (however you spell it) lol.

Webcamming with Sarah Ho.

Sarah showing me the dress Emily bought. (looks really nice!)

Sarah showing me the new top she bought, looks so cool!

Gave Sarah my vest to repair, + she upgraded it haha, she actually looks good in a vest, yet she never wears it. (facepalm)

Trying to make myself look small on the webcam, but Sarahs doing a better job at it than i am. good times.

Webcamming with Jaime Ma.

Playing the emoticon game which i originally played with Genial. (haha)

The emoticons on the side of the msn chat box are the facial expressions we're making. (first to 8)

I won that round (woot)

My signature stare (evil stare) haha. won this also!

The geeky one haha, Sarah pulls this face off really well. (That sad face emoticon above was the biggest bullshit one ever, had to use hands to make an upside down frown gg)

Jaime won this one, was very impressed, no idea where she pulled out the horns. (facepalm)

Sleep face, this one was bad, it was like looking constipated lol.

Smiling one, my favourite was the infamous evil stare haha. Will play this game with Sarah next time.

We were showing each other what we bought, she bought crappy shorts for $20, that aint cheap. I found a bargain with my cardigan $20 from $80. (not bad). Minh went to get the same one as me after liking mine haha, Sarah also liked it and was thinking of buying one too but didnt. If i find a size small im gona get her one haha.

Shopping during boxing day sales wasnt so bad. Although Sarah ditched me for her sisters without telling me turned out alright. Lucky i had Jeremy Wallis to shop with, then bumped into Minh Chau a couple of times and he decided to join us. Bumped into Elysia, Eric, Philip, Winny, Alex, so many people, and met up with the church girls after. But they were all too busy getting ready to go home, some shoppers they were.

So we all decided to go into myers for some unknown reason, the girls were behind us, we looked back they were gone. Went looking and found out they went home. So we ended up random shopping again, bumped into Cheryl, done some more shopping, went to cotton on, Cheryl and Sarah bought the same top. Went to Globalize after to try on sunnies again. None look good on me, apart from Sarahs aviators (sais Sarah) haha. On the way out bumped into Melissa and Victoria, me and Sarah missed our buss, Cheryl and Minh went home.

We decided to get ice cream, i make Sarah accompany me to rush to get korean fish ice cream with red bean. was sooo nice! Emily and Anthony decides to pick us up. We get home and web cam lol.

Very nice/interesting day i must say. Gotta love shopping with girls haha.

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  1. :O i put ONE photo from the webcamming. and you put like a million?! hate you (evil stare)
    btw my shorts were $5.