Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alot of Christmas in one day.

Picnic at 10:30am in the morning, it was friggen hawt!

Me and Michelle at Christmas picnic. Shes adorable, but she's one of those princesses who become bullys haha.

Sarahs mum dragged Sarah to the picnic, Sarah dragged me, we both got sunburnt.

Sarah got gged.

Me trying to fly a kite, it wouldn't fly... Sarah failed too, Erics mum was friggen pro.

Haha it was in the air (period) i succeeded for aslong as i ran (evil stare)

Well the day consisted of many games, such as the three legged race and bag race, and excercise/dance, tuggle war and Kris cringles. Me and Sarah came third on the three legged race, we were in second position, but the other team were practically hovering! And for the bag race, we forged a what i would call "the Dream Team" haha we won twice in a row! and for the tuggle war, i helped the girls team win, although they lost in the end, but it was fun. Kris Kringle, everybody was after the chocolates, although the presents were all wrapped up, chocolates were guessable, Sarah got the chocolates, and i got some stone dragonkin figure, its awesome.

It was really awesome to see Susan and Linda again, i rarely get to see them, because ive stopped going to temple, and they live very far away, occasionally i see Linda in town, but it was nice catching up. I also met Van which i havnt seen in a long long time! she was asking me about uni, and i happened to say i dislike accounting, and discovering that she was an accountant was awesome because we discussed everything i needed to know about my course. She also drove us to the park and home, and we found out she lived in between me and Sarah! whoa! so close!!

The picnic was based at Saint Kilda's Adventrue playground, Me and Sarah raced down the big slide, she beat me down by a mear 2 metres the first time, but the second time i won because i had longer legs haha! a win is a win (woot! winner, winner chicken dinner!)

So at the end of the day, i came back with major tans! we ended up going to carols that night, but first we went to visit Philip Chau and David. haha they are so awesome people, we were talking about cars and guinea pigs. Reached the carols at 9:20pm, making Vic, Jono, Jamiepoop and Lyna wait for about an hour (my bad haha, there were slow drivers on the high way!)

We ended up going to dinner (dessert) at the pancake house, instead of attending the carols, (the disapointment for not speaking out) and regretted it the entire night. It was awesome, finally got to meet Jamiepoops girlfriend (Lyna). Bumped into a few people, Sarah K, Alan, Annie, Elysia, Melissa and her parents. Was a fun night, nice breeze, and all but it ended in a disapointing way. Jamiepoop left his car inside China Town, thinking it closed at 12 on weekends, but it closed at 10:30 on weekends and had to pay a fine of $50 to get his car out. Was such an exausting day, but nothing is better than hanging with awesome people.

Merry Christmas 2009, hope to never see you again. Welcome 2010 (we're gonna get along just fine).


  1. AWWW that sounds so fun. you and sarah are so cute :) yeah BRING ON 2010

  2. haha thanks Vivian, your so sweet. :D

  3. gg quoc XD hahahah your such an avid blogger, mcpetey:P