Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas in town with Sarah -.-

Hahah creating the illusion of wearing a Christmas hat, we copied Vic haha. (Sarah wouldnt send me the photo of her because she thinks im going to black mail her (fail) now i feel like im just uploading photoes of myself FML)

haha attempting to picklock Santa's mailbox, yeh im that "thing" thats going to ruin everybody's Christmas, there were alot of people watching me do this, i was quite concern lol.


  1. lol peteyy, you mean the grinch right?
    hahaha...hope you've gotten all your xmas shopping done!

    and what is this?!?! you're ditching me 2nite for badminton?!

  2. haha Zhen has a blog too! omg im gona check it out :D yay for more comments! and your in Malaysia! we can catch up when you return :D

  3. loll...im not in malaysia til january 9th! have 2 catch up before then lah!

  4. haha awesome! badminton tonight la! and i'l organise a day in town! next week :D