Friday, December 25, 2009


I've just recently joined a "if a guy replies to your sms while playing DOTA, then he really loves you" Which i found hysterically hilarious! its half true lol. The group is hilarious, in all contents. If you have never played DOTA please skip this blog post haha.

F10. Pause game,.

RandomPlayer1: Host, wtf?
HostFriend1: He txting gf la,.

RandomPlayer1 has left the game.
HostFriend: ==

RandomPlayer2 has left the game.

RandomPlayer3 has left the game.

RandomPlayer4 has left the game.

RandomPlayer5 has left the game.
F10,. Resume
Host: sry,. txting gf,.... eh.. wtf?!
HostFriend2: Genius man,...
Host remakes.....
RandomPlayer1: FK YOU HOST

Defense of the Ancients.

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