Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who do i choose? D:

I hope none of these people read this, Zhen, Jun, Qouc & Liberty. So what happens when you feel your obliged to take a side, for example Zhen and Jun argueing, Use to date Jun, Very close to them both, and when they argue, you wana ask them whats wrong, but you dont know who to ask, because the one you ask first, brings out the i favour them more. So at badminton Zhen whacked Jun and She whacked him back, i think it was by accident, but they were both hurt, and there was some emotion, Me and Qouc were discussing this in the car after. We were like yeh i was gonna ask Jun if she was alright but i didnt want Zhen to think i was taking sides, and i was like i was thinking the same thing, but then i decided to ask Zhen becuase they were both sitting by themselves but his had a bad day. So he explained it to me, and you know how you disagree but you dont tell them, because you dont really wana take sides? So i was giving him my support but not all the way. And we had a whack conversation, i was saying how i regret not going to Jacky's bday because Philip and Zhen got drunk, and i havnt caught up with philip in a long time and that we should drink together sometime. And then we were like you know who i'd like to see drunk? Cheryl! She's one whack child, imagine her drunk, and we were both like, no shit! dont think thats ever gonna happen.

But yeh, dont know who to choose. And then theres the Qouc thing, Libertys been hitting on his girlfriend, and his getting real angy. And at a stage me and Liberty was close, but it was one of those relationships where you have eachothers backs. And now that me and Qouc are close, i told him i'd back him up. And He wants to bash Liberty, i cant make up my mind. I cant take sides, i've always been bad with decisions. Its been going on for awhile now, sometimes they do stupid thing to each other, and i have to give them my support, although i dont agree to it. I try to reason with both sides, protect both of them, but at a stage. theres going to be a limit.

And with the Eric and Sarah thing, I've always taken Sarahs side despite what conflict or gossip may arise. Sarahs always been there for me and always take me places and hangs out with me. And its going to stay that way. Happy Birthday Sarah for the 28th. I'll give you your present if i ever see you til after exams.

I made one right decsion and im sure its right.


  1. i reckon dont take any sides
    theyre all ur friends after all

    do whats best.. at the end of the day
    you dont have to please everyone

    id recommend that you just be yourself
    and let your instincts take hold of this situation

  2. if i dont make my say, someone is bound to get hurt, and if it does, im gonna end up backing the person whose about to get hurt :S
    why am i involved in everything thats irellavent to me? T_T

  3. "There are three sides to every conflict: one version of it, the alternative version and the truth."

    You'll definitely have to listen to both sides of the story to deduce the truth...well, part of it anyway. And you don't have to side with anyone if there isn't a necessity.