Friday, September 25, 2009

It was a very Ho-full day.

I think im going to do one of those "Dear Diary" blogs for a change.

Dear Diary:

Today was a very interesting day, more so last night was also very interesting. Last night i went balling with a group of international criminals also known as "Oxygen". It was my first time balling, I do what i always do and try to avoid humiliating myself from exposing my egotistic phycological consience, some would say, i am challenged. I would say, i am competitive. So after minutes of trying to convince them and myself that balling wasnt my thing, i found myself picking up balling shoes and posing to "Play ball".
Checking out the balling shoes, they look hot.

Me taking my first ball.

My first couple of attempts were indeed embarassing and ego threatning haha. After i ball i'd walk back hunched together and have the "I tried" look, or the "i told you so" expression. And what would happen was, i'd find myself bundled up with 3-4 guys explaining to me "how to ball" and me going "yep, yep" not comprehending any of the tips and information that may or may not have helped me become more successful. Instead i tried my own way, and failed miserably every moment, and walked away through the walls of shame.
Everybody pic.

The guy team, me and Daran got the same score haha.
I kid you not. I scored a 10/10 once and that was about it. I'll show you the photo and mark it with a red dot, so that everybody can know i came last, but not by myself thank you very much. (:

Listening to the pro's talk about balls. ;)

Thats my "knock out!" haha only knocked them all out once. beginners luck. (:

It was a very interesting experience. Much like learning how to ride a bike, doing it yourself, convincing yourself that you dont need any adultry help. It's like that time you convinced your dad to take of the "tricycles" and you ride that 5 seconds alone before you fall and scrape your knee. pretending that it hurt more than you were convinced and having both your parents running up to you and praising you to make you feel better, to satisfy your ego. Perhaps that was where my ego first rooted.

Well i played ball and i lost balled. It was fun. I had moral support, and i wasnt exactly the worse, however the female team managed to dominate in scores over the male team. We even got the staff to take photoes for us, they were very friendly.

After balling I did intend to walk home, it was about a 5 minute walk from my home. However Elysia wanted to catch up, so we drove around with Caleb for awhile trying to decide what to do and where to eat. And we were talking about how its always deciding, and after the long hours of decision making, we'd always end up at the golden arches. We did end up going to the golden arches at gilles plains, dined there and shared gossip on whose hot and whose not atm til about 12am before we got kicked out. What surprised me was, i got a phone call from my mother who called to find out where i was. It annoyed me because i thought we got past that stage where she trusted me, and i trusted myself. Where i was the good boy, and curfew was out of my list. She called me, all angry about me not telling her i went out, and for not being home. I felt like getting her back by going out to a mates house and bum there til 4am. Which i sometimes do without consult and she wouldnt mind. I felt like she was angry at me for no particular reason yesterday, possibly because she had a bad day and had nobody to blame and since i was out, there was a open window for my fault in which i substantially took.

Ordered a tad too much ice cream, we decided to let this one melt and play with it haha.

Well we ate for about an hour or two, watching "American Dad" on mute. Finding out that me and "Raf" look like a couple because we're always together. I think not Elysia! If i was gay, i'd have about 9 bullet holes through my chest i believe so. And i'm sure Cheryl would still take the chance to kick me where it hurts whether i was dead or alive when i hit that age. heck, she'd probably dig up my grave just to snap my pelvis, i think thats what the bone is called. Anyway, on the way to maccas, we were all chatting and getting to know each other, and suddenly i looked upwards and i saw this "thing" its so revoltingly undescribable, its mear existence surely has shaken the earth for centries and the form of its physiches is no doubt mind crippling and nerve breaking. I literally "Shat" myself, thank God we had a real man in the car. Thank you Calab, that spider friggen freaked the crapsicles out of me, it was huge, it was infront of my face, it was ginormous, it was ENORMOUS! much bigger than that font! it was devastating. It no doubt mentally scarred my very eyes.

So moving on to today. What made today absolutely interestingly unique was seeing many people i never expected to. So it all began on thursday, i told Sharon i would catch up with her after weeks, possibly months of neglection. And then I told Sarah i would meet up with her, so whether i wanted to go to town today wasnt an option, Sarah is like family to me, and so i had to go. I went and since my phone was stuffed, i couldnt recieve smses so Sharon ended up waiting one and a half hours for me. She called me asking me to save her ass. Apparently some guy, whose most probably going to read this, so i must clarrify now. Look, i like you, your personality is interesting and very social, your a very nice guy, im glad we're friends but do not, i will repeat, "do not!" blame me for this. Sorry but, i quite enjoyed our time getting to know each other, but i was only there to save her ass. It was some guy who managed to get a hold of Sharons number at a party and called her up to meet with her. So we were chittering and chattering for about 2 hours, i was just waiting for Sarah to call. And i'll skip details but, so Sharon wanted to flex, and i didnt mind continueing the converse, but in the end, i thought i'd spare her the pain. So we decided to go to the gym, but he offered to tag with us, since he had nothing else to do. Bumped into some other friends, and Sarah called me, so i had to abandon Sharon.

She wouldnt let me escape so i had to convince her to come with me and let the other guy know that we had a change of plans and that he couldnt come with. I felt bad, honestly. But, i'll be honest, i saved her ass only because mine was on the loose. haha. We bumped into "Yong-Wei" a couple of times, it was interesting chatting to him. And then we caught the Tram to China town. Me and Sharon were on the Tram, notice how i put a capital "T" asif it were a person? haha i just like to exploit Tram a friend haha. But yeh, so Sharon begins to ask about my personal life, which is no doubt boring. And then i ask her if she still kept in contact with Pheobe. Speaking of the devil, i notice "Ulla' so i looked across the road and i swear, i knew from a miled glance it was Pheobe, we were still on the Tram, i was trying to call her, but it wouldnt connect. So after we got off the Tram, i flexed it towards Pheobe, and as usual, i'd give her the most unusual appearance. So i ran up to her and she didnt know, had no idea it was me. Slowed down, and walked at her pace side by side as a stranger, she looked at me for about a second and then realised "WHAT THE Heck!" and me feeling like i just stalked her, had to show her that i was with Sharon to get rid of that vibe. haha.

So we ended up stopping at bubble tea, and there i was all flattered. "hey Pheobe, Whispers* that girl behind the counter, shes very pretty about a 9/10 dont you think? and the other girl a 9 hey?" I think those girls know that i think they're pretty, because everytime im there with Sharon they look at me. And then i whispered it to Sarah, maybe a tad bit too loud, which caused more awkward eye contact haha. So we ended up chatting for maybe 20 minutes infront of cubic. Pheobe's friends ditched her, so we invited her to join us, the "Very cool" people. haha, like the enthusiasm? well im not joking lol. i kid. But yeh, so she recieved a phone call, and i was like "if thats your friend who wants to meet up, tell them i'll slap them if they come back for you, they ditched you..." lol obviously i was being sarcastic, but in the eyes of others, sarcasm possibly doesnt exist, i probably destroyed that trust in them moments before getting to know them.

So we ended up going back to rundle for my shopping. Sarah begins to talk and she sais "wow! talk about no wind!" and suddenly whoosh! massive wind attack and we ended up standing at the traffic light waiting for the thing to tick. And then Sarah goes "OMG! is that Jun!?" and i was like "ha? where?" looking across the road, not knowing she was standing right besides me, with her korean boy friend. And i was thinking man that bitch didnt say hi! so we chased her and me being such a duche had to trip her and make her new boyfriend want to smack me. She tried to trip me, but we all know what happens when you try to trip the person who invented tripping, you get no where. So long story cut short, i had to trip her twice for not saying "hi" and "bye" she thought we were stalking her because we kept bumping into each other. And then we walked a tad bit down and bumpd into Zhen, meeting up with his girlfriend, we were pushing him towards borders and then Zhen is like look! Zoe! and i was like ha?

Looked up and there was the entire crew except for Cheryl. Oh and i forgot to mention, as i was heading towards Sharon at the start, i bumped into Zoe too, that was no doubt unexpected. But interesting. So we were suppose to go shopping, but then Sarah took too long dining and we didnt have time, so we had to go home. But we had the most whack conversation ever. Not really, it was more of whats hot and whats not, and whose hating and whose dating, those everyday girl kind of gossips. But it was awsome catching up with her as always. Was nice to see Anna in town too. and Woolee, havnt seen her in awhile, shes as cute as ever. Actualy, when i think "soft toy - bear" i think of woolee for no apparent reason. Strange.

But it was also very nice catching up with Pheobe. Raf was suppose to come out and play pool with me, but he was busy with his assignment, and when he did call, i had arrived home. I also learnt that bleaching dresses into different colors were possible in our modern society. Cheryls dress was a good example.

Well i thought and do have more to say about today, but i really need to go and shower and crash early for the very boring/cold days ahead this weekend. I was about to ramble on about how stressed and off i am atm, but i wont, because it would leave me in a negative mood. Anyway here are some pictures.

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