Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I feeeel Unhealthy. >.<

Some people are purely impossible to get in contact with these days. -.-"
Why does everybody text me when i dont have credit, i tell you i dont have credit, and yet you do it to put pressure me to recharge... And when i do have credit, i get sms'd like once a week, anyway, i cant decide whether to recharge on 3 or stay on optus. See on optus i get 30 free txt, and i love smsing, but with 3 i get free calls *-* and believe me they wont last. Ahwell... i gues i'll just keep sticking to the free sms site, dang im cheap :D

Oh, and im coming up with flu like symptoms, i hope i dont have swine flu.... sigh, why'd i go to town yesterday, i shuda known waking up with a headache wasnt healthy, more like, it was the first symptom of swine flu, head ache and aching.... come on! i can pull through this, oh and yesterday was really fun at badminton, Yeh, Adrian and me Vs James (007) and Sarah, and we kicked ass, haha highlight of the day. I have not gone out and done anything this holiday, because everybody is too lazy to organize something, they keep telling me to organize, yet i keep telling them, everything i try to start never seems to happen.

On the verdict, i want to watch ice age 3, Bruno, Transformers 2, Harry Potter the half blood prince, Hangover, Year one. zzzz i pretty much wana watch everything, "Im feeling all superhuman, you did this to me." This song is so hot! and writing in Italics is sexy *-*

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