Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Freestyle. *-*

Whats your Rhythm?

I spent approximately 30minutes trying to spell the word "Ryhthm". And eventually i gave up, google dictionary couldnt provide aid to people of my ignorance. So i sought the only person i knew, which would prevail, yep... Cheryl and yeh.. she got it right.

I tried, Rymph, ryeph, ryiphm, ryemphm ryuphm, riyuph, rymuph, ryanmph, rimph, ryphm, ruyumph, ryiyumph... and so many more... all the possibilities... never expected a "h" after the "R" sigh* see this is why i shouldnt have gotten kicked out of ESL in year 10... that teacher, hope she chokes on a stone.. bloody Ms Hantosh.....

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