Monday, July 6, 2009

Inspiration :D

Oh, what a day yeserday, had a late night the night before, woke up, went to morning service after a long morning walk, had no breakfast, as i was waiting at the bus stop, this man was watching me while he was jogging, so i decided to play back and stare at him, we kept an eye at each other, and suddenly on the brink of a second, he trips a 360 and whacks his head, im thinking oh my God! do i call an abulance? he isnt moving! 5 seconds later, he gets up, doesnt dare to look back in embarassment, and walks away slowly, im like yeah! dont mess with me, otherwise i'll do that agaian,... yeh.. walk away...

and so i got to morning service, which was very inspiring, havnt had one of those before, the atmosphere was just insane, loved it. After service, went to borders read for 2 hours, im now on the 12th book XD another 10 more to go *-* and went to china town, and met up with adrian kt, yetchi zhi etc. Ended up going to their church, its bigger than i thoguht, and then we went to badminton/basketball, i literally havnt played in 5months or so, and so we played 2v2 me and adrian vs chris and his brother, oh we were so unfit, it was first to 10, and it eventually got to 9 all and it go so intenese, i hadnt ate all day, we were like screaming and roaring, and yeh! we won... i never thought we'd win, but that was so exausting, and then played some badminton and spent like 2hours playing pool tables.

and Adrian drove me back to after noon prayer meeting, which was off the charts, i was planning on inviting a friend, but i rekon she'd probably freak out, i didnt even expect it to be like that, the way it was. was fantastic, it was hard to lift the exausting mood, speically after talking to the youth pastor there who was like, man i wana sleep, and i was like... zzz your not making me feel better, but then Tim was like "its up to us, to change our mind set, are you ready for Christ or something like that" and so i put in some effort, but man i was dead tired, hadnt ate the entire day, and too much physical base dilemas.

Got home, slept and wham! its monday, another boring monday :D

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