Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wanted: Whale. *-*

Call 000 if anybody knows where "Zoe Teh" is. Or report to the Aquirium, theres a missing Whale, we should all be concerned, because, we're all eatable. Man, i literally havnt spoken to her in like a month or more, i havnt spoken to a lot of people, exams been a bitch, everybodys had exams, and its killed off, every sort of verbal/non-verbal communication we have.

Whoa... man! i wouldnt wana mess with that... She looks like shes trying to eat the ocean lol. btw, thats a whale shark if you've never seen one before. My primary school teacher, yeh the one that gave me the scarr under my chin, if i havnt shown you yet, i'll be glad to show you my harry potter scarr.

She told us all to do an assignment on an animal, i went to her saying i wanted to do a whale-shark, and she was like... dont be stupid, theres no such thing... and i was like, no look! its even on the internet, its big, a vegitarian, almost extinct and looks incredibly duperly amazingly awsome! well i didnt say that, but i thought it looked amazing, and she shut me off, she said, theres no such thing as that, she had the image of a half shark half whale... what a bitch, she didnt even believe me.... teachers who dont believe in their students fail... why teach... i hope shes retired and lonely, if you ever see me, you better run, cus i'll give you your harry potter scarr back. -.-'

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