Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who loves you?

I have a philosophy. And its about who loves you (not really). Okay, its more about, how do you know if you like someone. My Philosophy is that you occasionally, begin my talking about them. Bringing them in small conversations with others. Some people talk about the person without knowing that they're developing feelings.

This is why i dont talk about particular people to individuals. Becuase if i do so, im aknowledging that i have mutual or potential feelings to offer to a persons. I mean, if you do like someone, then its okay, then talk about them all you like, go for it haha. Thats if your not afraid to like someone. On the topic, it has occured to me that i might actually be afriad to like someone this time round. I like them but i want to keep it between myself? You can never be too safe with friends.

Friends think it's okay to slip, they think they know best for you. Now some people tell friends because they see this is a benefit, in letting it out. And occasionally it works both ways, depending on how you see the situation and the outcome. Sometimes friends do it with the right intention, sometimes they do it to tease.

Anyway, i have another philosophical hypothesis on friends and best friends. Best friends, tend to get in the ways of many thing. Such as new friendship, relationships, events, school and more. It's good to have a best friend, but then while having that best friend you forget how to socialise with others. Your best friend becomes your preference. Now as a guy, i prefer my best friend to be female. And i would think Girls wouldnt be the opposite, girls have alot of girl friends, and in my opinion, that is unhealthy.

In a recent video that i viewed. Theres a girl emphasizing that girls compliment each other in order to recieve compliments, not all girls do this of course. Girls also bitch in order to make friends. Guys preferablly, talk about games/cars/sex/girls to make new male counterparts. And girls who have sisterhoods are kinda annoying in my opinion, its like everything to them is serious, you cant joke with them or the sisterhoods gonna shank ya!

Okay back on track. So, liking someone has its ups and downs. What ive learnt is that age is also just a digit. However, i think most people want to be-careful with whom they like because, everyone has their own judgement. With me, the person who i like, would have to be someone that people view as "Wow, shes so pretty and nice!" have a real good sense of humour!

Yet its so hard to find someone like that. It's so hard to find a nice girl, why? And it hurts me to say, that sometimes, those who we think we know, are more possible of being your soulmate than someone new. People are never who you'd expect them to be, until you've developed feelings for them, you begin to see an entire new side/person in them.

So, i asked Vanta and Elysia the simple question. Boy and girl perspective "how do you know if someone likes you?"

The following responded with:
Vanta: They start a conversation before i get the chance.
Vanta: Letting go and seeing if they come back.
Vanta: She smiles at you alot, followed by (i go gaga for smiles! {hahhaha! love vanta's responses!})

Elysia: He becomes shy when your around.
Elysia: He tells you stuff he doesnt tell others.
Elysia: He rememebers what you tell him in the finest detail.

Okay, wow! from a male and female perspective, they are totally different! Not what i expected, but good enough, i like Vanta's his is very similar to mine, thats how i know im a male specifman, for all you girls out there wondering lol.

The other day on the bus, T501 home. There was this pretty asian girl (alrite) i was sitting down, and she was standing. The bus suddenly breaked, she fell foward and grabbed my hands. And it occured to me that, the slightest touch of a girl, makes you think about them. I was thinking (baby i know, that was no accidental fall) haha jk.  But its true. As a guy, i like thinking about girls, its natural.

And whats with people telling me i have low standards? my standards are at the level that i can aquire such a person lol. If it were any higher, id have to be a super model haha. I always manage to get the ones that arnt suitable for me. I was talking to Sarah, and shes like "sif! heaps of girls like you man!" And in my defense "Yeh, all the ones im not after". And its true, i get enough coming my way, but i never get the one i want, the one thats suppose to look like my type of dream girl. Every guy has a dream girl, believe me. Its hard enough to find someone that corresponds to the dream girl image, yet alone getting them to like you. Yet i get a feeling, 2010 is my year.

Haha time to end the blog here, im sure alot of my blog fans are eager to read some (Peter Philosophy) i need to do more of these, and get back into the habbit of blogging again. Hope you enjoy!

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