Sunday, January 17, 2010

Picnic. (:

Picnic 2010.

The day started of very cool in the morning, i woke up and headed straight to Sarahs house. We bussed it to town, had several phone calls. Sarah decides to bring a dish, and to make her feel better i agreed. Woolworths was closed for upgrade, so the shortest method was to China town. Went to Coles to buy a chocolate mud cake.

I get a phone call from Reece asking me where i am? i tell him i'll be there in 15. 20minutes later, his gone. Me and Sarah arrive an hour late, as the hostess of the event, its still expected of me to be hour plus late haha. I get a txt from a annomyous suspect saying "oi! where the fuck are ya?!" Me and Sarah arrive after wondering the beauty of the botanic garden. Need to re-visit that place, such a nice feel!

Man we get there and no food are left. It kind of annoys me that, i put so much effort all the time in hosting events, in the hope of equal participation. But everytime, its like people dont appreciate the ammount of time and effort it takes to pull of one of these things, not just for it to happen, but for people to enjoy themselves. Turned out 70% of people didnt bring dishes. I brought brownies, sushi and m&m's. It was also made so that new uni students this year, will beable to meet current uni students. But its still disapointing that even though it did go alright, people wernt very social to new people.

People wouldnt participate in games, people wouldnt move out of their comfy zone, people held on to the best friends hands and sat around people they felt more comfortable with. And that annoys me, becuase your gonna have to let go one point in life. Other people want to get to know others, but its easier if they're not in their own group, it makes others feel like they dont want to be none (speaking for an annoymous here).

Anyway, this photo made my day. Qouc takes a picture of Sarah, Sarah runs away with my phone, we catch her, and toss her to the ground. I start tickerling her ribs and poking her, she's yelling out "rape!!!!" and im yelling out "It's Okay!" hahaha. We ended up taking the phone back.

The day consisted of alot of card games, new people, frisbee, and basketball. 13 was hilarious, i also happend to drug one of my brownies for Jaime Ma. It was so funny, i forgot to execute that brownie from the rest and the surounding friends were like wtf! was quite interesting haha. People liked my brownies too bad i didnt make it haha. Was nice seeing Serena, Reece and Daren there.

Was really nice seeing Vi, putting some effort to come. Thong and Kevin one of the best companys you can have. We played creative frisbee games which was really fun and funny, our team were so cheap, we made our own bounderies (outs and ins) our own highs and lows. We ended up winning. The day could have been more social but it wasnt. Zoe, Melissa and Cherie, came so late (facepalm), that was disapointing, but atleast they came, nice to see familiar faces.

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