Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New 2010. (:

Happy New Year!2010

2010 is our year haha. (thats what i feel anyway, better be good haha)

Me and Qouc (James) talking on the phone trying to locate Victoria and Jono. (i see them! i see them! see that car? "Vic" we're walking, oh... doo di doo)

Jono just goes under me and lifts me up, it was so funny, i was too afraid i was gonna fall haha.

And we have lift off!

Fire works were disapointing, only went for 2minutes, we ended up spending our morning at maccas, yep 2010 is going to be a fatning year. But with good company. tit twas fun.

Happy 2010 everyone, hope this is going to be your year as much as it's going to be mine.

Tooo shay!

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